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Viewstate Hidden Event Enumerator!

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Viewstate Hidden Event Enumerator!

An advanced toolset for testing modern web application frameworks and rich internet applications.

VEHICLE (formerly known as ria-scip) is a pentest platform with advanced testing features for modern web application frameworks (MWAF) and rich internet applications (RIA).

It enables testers to affect various server control properties and enumerate & execute dormant events of invisible, visible, disabled and commented server web controls (currently supported for ASP.net and Mono).

These features are implemeted by abusing application mis-configurations and framework-specific programming flaws, and by manipulating proprietary input formats.

The project is implemented as an extension to the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) project.


Developed by Hacktics ASC


Link: https://github.com/hacktics/vehicle

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