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Gerix WiFi Cracker 2018

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This tool has been re-written to run on Kali (2018.1)

apt-get install qt4-dev-tools


    Add a updater for the tool.

    Add a WPS tab + support for WPS cracking (Reaver / Bully, or support for both)

    Consider renaming the project?

    Change deprecated "iwconfig" with the use of "iw"

    Consider adding "hashcat" GPU cracking option.

    WPA handshake capture is slow, considering enhancement to it. wifite2 got a VERY FAST handshake capturing method, consider using that code.

    Fix new graphics.


To launch the program use: $ python gerix.py


NOTE: For copy and paste in xterm windows you can use the shortcuts CTRL-INS and SHIFT-INS. In alternative, you can select the text with the mouse, and use the third button of the mouse to paste it. On a laptop you can emulate the third button pressing the first and the second button together.




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