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Introduction to Sandbox Evasion and AMSI Bypasses - Jake Krasnov, Anthony Rose, Vincent Rose

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DEF CON 27 Workshop Microsoft is constantly adapting its security to counter new threats. Specifically, the introduction of the Microsoft Antimalware Scripting Interface (AMSI) and its integration with Windows Defender has significantly raised the bar. In this hands-on class, we will learn the methodology behind obfuscating malware and avoiding detection. Students will explore the inner workings of Windows Defender and learn to employ AMSI bypass techniques and obfuscate malware using Visual Basic (VB) and Powershell. Then identify and evade sandbox environments to ensure the payloads are masked when arriving at the intended target. The final capstone will be tying all the concepts together. In this workshop we will: 1. Introduce AMSI and explain its importance 2. Learn to analyze malware scripts before and after execution 3. Understand how to obfuscate code to avoid AMSI and Windows Defender 4. Detect and avoid sandbox environments https://github.com/BC-SECURITY/DEFCON27
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