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RuhrSec 2020 #StayAtHome Edition: Efficient Forward Security for TLS 1.3 0-RTT, Kai Gellert

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In the RuhrSec 2020 #StayAtHome Edition, we present you with a selection of talks planned for RuhrSec 2020. If you enjoy the talk we encourage you to make a donation to the non-profit organization DLRG Hattingen (https://hattingen.dlrg.de/spenden/) (PayPal available). The donation will be used to support the local youth department of the DLRG, which is the largest voluntary lifesaving organization worldwide. --- RuhrSec is the annual English speaking non-profit IT security conference with cutting-edge security talks by renowned experts. Due to the coronavirus, we decided to cancel the RuhrSec 2020. Thanks to our amazing speakers we are able to provide you with a selection of the planned talks in our RuhrSec 2020 #StayAtHome Edition anyway. https://www.ruhrsec.de/ --- RuhrSec 2020 #StayAtHome Edition Episode 1: Efficient Forward Security for TLS 1.3 0-RTT by Kai Gellert Abstract. The TLS 1.3 0-RTT mode enables a client reconnecting to a server to send encrypted application-layer data in "0-RTT" ("zero round-trip time"), without the need for a prior interactive handshake. This fundamentally requires the server to reconstruct the previous session's encryption secrets upon receipt of the client's first message. The standard techniques to achieve this are session caches or, alternatively, session tickets. The former provides forward security and resistance against replay attacks, but requires a large amount of server-side storage. The latter requires negligible storage, but provides no forward security and is known to be vulnerable to replay attacks. In this talk, we discuss which drawbacks the current 0-RTT mode of TLS 1.3 has and which security we actually would like to achieve. We then present a new generic construction of a session resumption protocol and show that it can immediately be used in TLS 1.3 0-RTT and deployed unilaterally by servers, without requiring any changes to clients or the protocol. This yields the first construction that achieves forward security for all messages, including the 0-RTT data. Biography. Kai Gellert is a PhD student at the chair of IT Security and Cryptography at the University of Wuppertal, where he is supervised by Tibor Jager. The focus of his research is the construction and security analysis of forward-secure 0-RTT protocols. His results are published at leading security and cryptography conferences such as Eurocrypt and the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium. Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaiGellert

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