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DarkOs An Arch Based Distro | Status: Beta | Brought to you by: ybenel



Dark OS Is A Linux Operating System Based On Arch Linux, Designed To Create More Enjoyable User Experience And Easy To Use . It Comes With 3 Editions (One Hell - Soopertrack - Schmedding), Each Edition Has It's Own Desktop / Window Manager And Package List.
DarkOs "One Hell" Edition Comes With Plasma Desktop Environment And Minimal Amount Of Packages .
DarkOs "Soopertrack" Edition Comes With No Desktop Or Window Manager But Uses LXDE As Temporarily Environment To Provide You With The Installer
And It'll Be Removed Once The Installation Is Finished,It Also Comes With No Essential Packages Such As (Browser , Text Editor , Terminal ...etc) So You'll Get To Choose What You Want.
DarkOs "Schmedding" Comes With No Desktop Or Window Manager Nor An Installer And Has No Packages So You Could Enjoy The Experience As If You Were Installing Arch Linux .



  • Minimal And Easy
  • Gives You Full Control
  • Customize What You Want
  • Enjoy Using Linux
  • Similar To Arch Linux (80%)
  • Choose What's Perfect For You










Source: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darkos-arch/






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