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  1. Corect, aici intervine AI, am discutat cu cineva prin telefon (alt telefon) despre o tema, iar acea tema mi s-a afisat la sugestii ads Edit:// am postat in trash intentionat, sunt drone (OZN) de cand lumea si pamantul, si nu sunt aisberg sau aisemn sa spun noaptea ce visez ziua
  2. Under pressure to evade detection by endpoint protection, ransomware criminals try a more radical approach While conducting an investigation into an attack in July in which the attackers repeatedly attempted to infect computers with Maze ransomware, analysts with Sophos’ Managed Threat Response (MTR) discovered that the attackers had adopted a technique pioneered by the threat actors behind Ragnar Locker earlier this year, in which the ransomware payload was distributed inside of a virtual machine (VM). In the Maze incident, the threat actors distributed th
  3. This Trickbot document hid a .dll in an interesting place. If you’d like to play along, you can find the document and dropped .dll here: Document: https://app.any.run/tasks/96c149ce-b01a-4543-a8d4-2b98bb18b9c7 Document Password: INV15 SHA256: 052C9196DFE764F1FBD3850D706D10601235DC266D1151C93D34454A12206C28 Dropped File: C:\programdata\objStreamUTF8NoBOM.Vbe Dropped File: C:\UTF8NoBOM\APSLVDFB.dll Dropped .dll: https://app.any.run/tasks/5bc86667-aab3-4513-a433-3697d6a9d3eb After supplying the provided password to open the document, I suggest tha
  4. A document obtained by Motherboard provides more detail on the malware law enforcement deployed against Encrochat devices. IMAGE: YOUTUBE The malware that French law enforcement deployed en masse onto Encrochat devices, a large encrypted phone network using Android phones, had the capability to harvest "all data stored within the device," and was expected to include chat messages, geolocation data, usernames, passwords, and more, according to a document obtained by Motherboard. The document adds more specifics around the law enforcement hack and subseq
  5. Kev


    print ("Welcome to", end = ' ') print ("RSTforums", end = '!')
  6. Categoria Web Development? Aveam un bulk de articole
  7. Studying decompiler internals has never been so easy... Recently, we blogged about the Hex-Rays microcode that powers the IDA Pro decompiler. We showed how a few days spent hacking on the microcode API could dramatically reduce the cost of certain reverse engineering tasks. But developing for the microcode API can be challenging due to the limited examples to crib from, and the general complexity of working with decompiler internals. Today, we are publishing a developer-oriented plugin for IDA Pro called Lucid. Lucid is an interactive Hex-Rays microcode explorer that ma
  8. Mama si Tata, multi turisti de la cules capsuni vin acolo si scot bani, X (ori) nu i-au lasat sa plece In fine oricum e praf tot acolo, din spusele unor amici in alta ordine de idei cautati imagini, cam cate mui sunt publicate
  9. ^ n-auzi Pasarica ca a zguduit tot orasul, au exagerat cu TNT-ul, au ramas numai cateva cifre din serii, posibil sa fi fost atentat terorist, ipoteza asta nu ai luat-o in calcul?
  10. This Metasploit module exploits a feature in the DNS service of Windows Server. Users of the DnsAdmins group can set the ServerLevelPluginDll value using dnscmd.exe to create a registry key at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS\Parameters\ named ServerLevelPluginDll that can be made to point to an arbitrary DLL. ## # This module requires Metasploit: https://metasploit.com/download # Current source: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework ## require 'metasploit/framework/compiler/windows' class MetasploitModule < Msf::Exploit::Local Rank = NormalRanking inclu
  11. The Windows 10 KB4571756 security update released yesterday is reportedly breaking Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2) compatibility layer. This issue prevents Windows 10 2004 users from launching the Windows Terminal with WSL2, with the app crashing and throwing "Element not found" and "Process exited with code 4294967295" errors. Microsoft is yet to officially acknowledge this issue, but the number of reports coming from users that the error goes away after the update is uninstalled indicates that the Windows 10 2004 KB4571756 update is the one responsibl
  12. Facebook has chosen to review user data requests manually, without screening the email address of people who request access to the portals, which are made for law enforcement agents only. Anyone with an email address can get into Facebook and WhatsApp law enforcement portals, designed for law enforcement agents to file requests for user data. Getting into the two portals doesn't grant people access to any user information, nor any sensitive information about the company. But the portals are not designed to filter email addresses in any way, leaving the door open to spam
  13. Direct Download Source
  14. Nobody wants to be notified by email anymore, especially if its a failed cron job. We have advanced monitoring systems that tell if somethings wrong. In my case I use Grafana and Prometheus and Node exporter to collect host metric, visualize them and send out alerts. Usually, one would set up an exporter to monitor an new piece of software, but for cron there isn’t any exporter available. In contraire there are a lot of online service to monitor your cron jobs, such as Cronitor.io. But we do not want to add another dependency for simply monitoring cron jobs. In this tutorial I will
  15. Web browser extensions are one of the simplest ways to get starting using open-source intelligence tools because they're cross-platform. So anyone using Chrome on Linux, macOS, and Windows can use them all the same. The same goes for Firefox. One desktop browser add-on, in particular, makes OSINT as easy as right-clicking to search for hashes, email addresses, and URLs. Mitaka, created by Manabu Niseki, works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once installed, it lets you select and inspect certain pieces of text and indicators of compromise (IoC), running them through a variety
  16. Throughout history, human beings have crafted tools as a way to improve people’s lives. From stone hammers to metal knives, through advancements from rudimentary medical instruments to breakthroughs made with industrial steam machinery. From the disruption of transistors and the computer era through today’s technology that seems to come straight out of science fiction, like the storage of data in DNA, tools at the very least allow us to get more work done. Tools afford us time and efficiency, and the security industry is no exception. Security tools are like what opti
  17. Stiu, am prieteni cu magazine care ruleaza cel putin 20.000 ron zilnic, conteaza provenienta lor si seriile, bancile de obicei le sorteaza pe serii, in caz de sunt serii repetitive si murdare se poate afla usor Edit/ asta in cazul in care nu este ceva putred la mijloc, au fost cazuri cand proprietarii de amanet s-au jefuit singuri pt. asigurare Edit// sunt camere video (CCTV) pe fiecare trecere de pietoni,probabil seful de posta manca gogosi, sigur si-au dat jos mastile cand au plecat, s-au schimbat de haine etc
  18. Kev


    era 404 cand Marcus Hutchins a fost inchis, avea profil acolo, dar intr-un timp a fost "ascuns" Stiu ce inseamna helicopere
  19. Microsoft today released updates to remedy nearly 130 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system and supported software. None of the flaws are known to be currently under active exploitation, but 23 of them could be exploited by malware or malcontents to seize complete control of Windows computers with little or no help from users. The majority of the most dangerous or “critical” bugs deal with issues in Microsoft’s various Windows operating systems and its web browsers, Internet Explorer and Edge. September marks the seventh month in a row Microsoft has
  20. incearca pe un device nou, posibil sa isi lase semnaturi prin DLL-uri pe undeva, daca nu functioneaza cu re-install Il instalezi, setezi aceeasi data, iar cand il repornesti setezi data in care l-ai instalat (off-line)
  21. Kev


    NU eram beat, intra daca poti e 404 hidden shell
  22. Dude, intelege, nu au ce sa fac0227 cu banii, sa presupunem ce a spus Pacalici, cum ca ar fi casetele sigilate, bun, dar banii de unde ies prin fantã? Au orificii pe unde se injecteaza "cerneala" in caz de bum Se leaga ai sa te confingi
  23. The StorageFolder class when used out of process can bypass security checks to read and write files not allowed to an AppContainer. advisory-info: Windows: StorageFolder Marshaled Object Access Check Bypass EoP Windows: StorageFolder Marshaled Object Access Check Bypass EoP Platform: Windows 10 2004/1909 Class: Elevation of Privilege Security Boundary: AppContainer Summary: The StorageFolder class when used out of process can bypass security checks to read and write files not allowed to an AppContainer. Description: When a StorageFolder object is passed between processes i
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