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EasyRecon is a script that do the initial reconnaissance of target automatically. To scan Google, simply run:

$ ./easyRecon.sh google.com



To install EasyRecon, clone this repository. EasyRecon relies on a couple of tools to be installed so make sure you have them:


Please make sure that as most of these tools are written in Go, that you have Go installed and configured properly. Make sure that when you type any of the above commands in the terminal, they are recognized and work.



$ ./easyRecon.sh example.com



  • Enumerate all the existing domains with subfinder
  • Seperate live domains from all existing domains httprobe
  • Spider the target and save all the URLS of target using waybackurls
  • grep all the js files and endpoints from the target


Download easyrecon-main.zip


git clone https://github.com/cspshivam/easyrecon.git



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Interesant! Am creeat si eu un tool asemanator, dar mai complex. Cei care practicati BB sau sunteti interesati si aveti idei noi putem sa automatizam tot procesul de recon. Ca sa incurajam tinerii il vom face public. 


Cine este interesat? 

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