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DefCamp Capture the Flag 2020

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2020-12-05 09:00:00 UTC — 2020-12-07 09:00:00 UTC


DefCamp Capture The Flag ( D-CTF) is the most shattering and rebellious security CTF competition in the Central Eastern Europe.

Here, the most skilled hackers & IT geeks put their knowledge to the test and compete with the best CFT teams from all over the world to get in the shortlist of best top 10, and later on win the overall D-CTF competition or, die trying.

DefCamp Capture the Flag is organised since 2011 with over 10,000 players joined since then in annual multi-staged event for anyone.

There is one important rule though – hack before being hacked!

Event Summary

Format: Jeopardy

Play format: Team only

Genres: Crypto, Pwning, Reversing, Web, Miscellaneous …

Language: English

Access: Open / Free for everyone

Difficulty: Entry Level - Easy - Medium - Hard - Insane

Website: D-CTF


Detalii: https://dctf2020.cyberedu.ro/

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Sa nu uitam de premii:

Total Prizes Pool

7,500+ euro

Main prizes

  • First place: 2,048 euro
  • Second place: 1,536 euro
  • 3rd place: 1,024 euro
  • 4-10th places: 137 euro each

Other prizes:

  • Best Write-up (3 prizes): 512 euro each (only for top 50, write-up document should contain solutions for all challenges)
  • Lucky newcomer (3 prizes): 137 euro each for 3 lucky players that solved only warm-up/entry level challenges
  • Lucky next stars (3 prizes): 137 euro each for 3 lucky players that solved at least 2 challenges that are not warm-up/entry level
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