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[SOLVED] Rename bulk .jpg upload (Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress)

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Pe un blog de traveling in WordPress avand instalat pe el plug-in Meow Gallery


Vreau ca toate imaginile pe care le uploadez sa fie redenumite automat;





  • Constanta
  1. Costinesti.jpg
  2. Costinesti-01.jpg
  3. Costinesti-02.jpg
  4. Costinesti-03.jpg
  5. ...


  • Brasov
  1. CastelulBran.jpg
  2. CastelulBran1.jpg
  3. CastelulBran2.jpg
  4. CastelulBran3.jpg
  5. ...



Ce trebuie sa completez in campul Advanced Custom Fields?


Multumesc anticipat


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14 hours ago, Pasticcera said:

Salut, este putin mai complicat avand in vedere ca trebuie sa treci de sistemul wp upload. 

Uite o mica solutie https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/26939/use-a-separate-upload-folder-for-custom-post-attachment-upload


Multumesc pentru raspuns.


Cu cine am discutat a vorbit despre Code Snippets, vom face un tutorial si il vom posta aici.

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