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Incearca aceste teste

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Ln link=topic=3178.msg21222#msg21222 date=1157644518]

ce penal ii testu unu :)) .. trebe sa schimbi de la 1.html la 2.html in url..moving to Linkuri :)

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

[li]HINT - Well done, you found the secret page 2! Notice that unlike page "1", here the word two is spelled out. (Hmmm... maybe that's important?) Now, can you figure out the address to page three? Change your web address again and try to find page three![/li]



Acum trebuie sa scri in loc de 2.html, three.html  ;D

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BizZaroO wrote: bai fratilor!!!! care e parola la al doilea joc? nu tre ca lvl 1 :((

function Try(passwd) {
if (passwd =="h4x0r") {
alert("Alright! On to level 2...");
location.href = "level2-xfdgnh.xhtml";
else {
alert("The password is incorrect. Please don't try again.");
location.href = "http://www.disney.com/";

asta o poti gasi in sursa paginii

dar ce farec mai are jocul daca iti spune altcineva raspunsurile?

incearca sa le descoperi singur

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La primu joc ala am ajuns la 8 prea tare =)))))))))))))))

LvL1 to 2: Schimbati 1.html in 2. html

LvL2 to 3: Acum observati ca scrie 'two' in litere deci scrieti 3 in litere[si in engleza] adica 'three.html' fara ghilimele

LvL3 to 4: Acum is cifre romane [iii] si scrieti 4 in cifre romane adica iv.html

LvL4 to 5: Acum scrie 'rouf' adica 'four' scris invers si facem aceeasi chestie cu 5 [five] devine 'evif.html' fara ghilimele

LvL5 to 6: Acum scrie 'ffiivvee' adica fiecare litera din cuvantu' 'five' [adica5] dublata...Transpunem la 6 si schimbam in 'ssiixx.html' fara ghilimele

LvL6 to 7: Acum scrie '666666' adica de 6 ori 6 mai exact 'de X ori X' si ca sa trecem la LvL7 scriem de 7 ori 7 adica '7777777.html' fara ghilimele

LvL7 to 8: Acum scrie Uranus [parca e a 8-a planeta de la Soare] da' am incercat toate planetele si in engleza si in romana si in germana i in ce vreti voi si nu mi-o iesit =)))))0

Daca aflati ziceti si mie ca-s curios :D

LvL8 to 9:

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Christian wrote: eddie47 esti sigur ca ai incercat si "neptune" ?

btw Urans e a 7-a planeta de la soare ;)

Is senil...Doar am vrut sa ma uit in atlasu de geo inainte sa postez da' am uitat unde l-am pus [ceea ce demonstreaza din nou ca-s senil si uituc pe desupra] neptune nu mai retin daca am incercat...Incerc acu :@ ...Revin cu Edit

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