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The FBI has received logs containing IP addresses that took part in the Denial of Service attacks on various corporations including PayPal and Mastercard. Arrests have been made already. Not many, but you’re talking about a bureaucracy here, where they waste a lot of time. So more may be coming.

So, maybe you took part in the attacks and used LOIC from your home computer? What does this mean exactly? I can tell you. This means that with the current version of LOIC, your current IP is sent in each packet header. Meaning your home IP address, meaning the trail does lead back to you. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. That really does suck. I’ve heard rumors on the interwebs that LOIC is being updated to spoof the origin IP. This will complete the tool but unfortunately (or fortunately… to some investigators) it was not part of the public versions of the tool.

Hunting Anonymous | Anti-Forensics

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Mda.. goverment is shit.. totusi, e posibil sa se fi facut arestari sau nu.. de obicei guvernul declara tot felul de crap-uri ca sa apara shiny la televizor si sa mentina populatia calma. Sunt convins ca se fac investigatii serioase dar nici anonymous n-o fi un cretin care a lovit direct paypal. Si-a luat si el niste masuri de precautie. Si, cum zicea si Max, la felul in care se fac investigatiile uneori nu m-ar mira sa gaseasca un tap ispasitor fie el anonymous sau nu... Doar Assange e acuzat de viol... nu? Pentru ei e important sa demonstreze pana la urma fata de public ca sunt capabili de a gasi faptasul pentru a descuraja viitoarele "confruntari".

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Guest demisec

in fine..de asta mi-e mie frica, ca o sa vina FBI-ul maine la usa mea.

//Ok, just read some..

Treaba sta cam asa.Intradevar, fbi vaneaza participantii, dar doar pe cei ce au dat ddos in cantitati mari.Pana acum 8 ip-uri au fost scoase din loguri, acestea fiind in mare ip-uri de servere dedicate.

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Guest Nemessis
I’ve heard rumors on the interwebs that LOIC is being updated to spoof the origin IP.

Pe Windows? As vrea sa vad cum vor face asta. Pe bune chiar sunt curios daca ca gasi cineva solutia pentru raw sockets dupa 'nspe mii de ani.

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