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WebCracker 3.0 Beta 2

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WebCracker 3.0 Beta 2 (wc30b2.zip) is a password cracker designed to brute force login/password combinations for web sites that use HTTP-based password authentication. [script kiddies read: get free pr0n site access!] Features: supports sessions so you can save and resume cracking from where you left off, automatically logs all valid accounts found, supports running multiple instances so you can crack multiple targets at once, support for proxy servers, allows customized User ID and Password dictionary attacks, automatically tries the user id as the first password - a common weakness on many systems, allows on-the-fly variable replacement so user ids can be incorporated into passwords, allows on-the-fly ID and/or password case changes for case sensitive servers, uses standard HTTP 1.0 calls for compatibility with just about any web site, minimum password length check so you don't send passwords shorter than the target system allows, easy to use interface and options, extremely fast, much more. New in this release: multi-threaded cracking for faster results, now supports CGI and other "non-standard" login scripts, new and much improved user interface, no limit to the size of password lists which can be used, extended logging capabilities, much better progress indicators, statistics screen that provides details about the speed and efficiency of your cracking sessions. Freeware.



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