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Tutorial Remote Administrator {Lame version// n00b times}

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Eh iaca ce faceam eu in vremurile mele de glorie "LOL" =)) ...NU radeti sunt unii care habar n`au ..dar nah..am facut si eu ce faceau si altii la inceput.

Remote  Administrator 2.1 Tutorial


2.Needed Tools


1. Introduction

With this tutorial u can gain access to Windows 95/98/NT/Xp Boxez by scanning a speciffic port (4899) . You can control the victim`s computer how u like , upload everything u want ...and so on .

2. Needed Tools

a) Remote Administrator 2.1

Get it from google.

Angry Ip scanner 2.20

Get It from GOOGLE.


a) Remote Administrator 2.1

This don`t need no configuration, you just install it !

Ip Scan 2.20

 Here u must Configure some things . I`ll Write here..

 So first thing is to unzip it wherever u like.Than go to "Options > Select Ports..> Ports: 4899" Hit OK.Than go to mIRc, connect to a server from Undernet For example and find an ip adress "/who 218.* " for example we got "" ..ok .now go to Ip Scanner and write this ip to "Ip Range: to " . U see that i have inputed the same ip but i`ve changed 172 > 180 and 70 > 255  because we scan this ip range. Ok now u have to wait cos it takes a while and to see the rezults page down to see if are any "GREEN" Ip`s ...i say this because it will appear a green mark in front of the ip , and u will see that it has open PORT: 4899 , the one u specified in configuration options.

 After this go to Remote Administrator and input the ip that is Green in the box that will appear . First Try to connect throw TELNET to put a password for you box so nobody can take it.  

 Probably on Windows 95/98 u can`t connect to TELNET because is not supported, but u can try!

 After you`re in with TELNET use this(DO NOT CHANGE THE COMMAND PROMPT ---> Default is "c:windowssystem32" it will probably be that the letter drive will be different, because they installed windows on a different partition), Here is the command u have to input to password your box : "r_server /port:4899 /pass:YOUPASSWORD /save"  , without "" .Than close the telnet , and open the FULL CONTROL option that Remote Administrator has it , and u can see the victim`s desktop and what is he doing in that moment. Other option is FILE TRANSFER where u can upload everthing u want , u can make PSYBNC/BNC/EGGDROP/MECH/E-MECH/DARKBOT/[XXX] , remember to download this bots,bouncers for WINDOWS!. And that`s all !

where [xxx]= spam scripts,trojan,scam etc.

If u have something to say or if i am wrong in a part please contact me at [email]hipercritic@yahoo.com[/email]

or send a PM! Good luck Gaining Bindowz Boxez!


Tutorial writed by PsYkID , Member of red[CODE in[s]ecurity!


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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE("d!G!t@L_hPo6")</div>

am bagat ipu e deschis pe 4899 cere cand intru in el o parola..am pus parola de la radmin nu a mers ...inseamna ca l-o luat altcineva?

inseamna ca este parolat...de altcineva sau de adminu de la acel computer. n`ai ce sa faci.

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