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Bandook RAT v1.35

Bandook is a FWB#++ Reverse Connection Rat (Remote Admin Tool) , with a Small Size server when packed 30 KB , and a Long list of amazing Features .

Feature list of the Program

• Firewall bypass method: FWB#++ (Code Injection , API Unhook , Kernel Patch)

• reverse connection, all traffic through one port

• Safe Thread Based Client

• Persistance (Irremovable)

• Rootkit

• Plug•ins Based Server (30 KB Packed)

• Very Friendly Graphical User Interface

• Different Installation Pathes

• PNG / JPEG Compressions for screencapture and webcam

Managing Features :

• Filemanager with all types of functions, including Folder Mirror , Rar Folder/Files , File Search , Infect Files , Multiple Files Download / Upload , Download / Upload manager

• Registry Editor with all type of Functions

• Process manager (Shows Full path , and Modules Manager)

• Windows Manager (including a Send Key Function)

• Services Manager

Connection Features :

•Socks 4 proxy

•HTTP / HTTPS proxy

•Port Redirection


•HTTP WEB Server

•FTP Server

•Remote Shell

•Flooding ( Mailbomb , DDOS attacks)

Spying Features :

•Screen manager with Screen Clicks

•Cam manager that Supports system with Multiple Cams

•Mic Manager (Record voice from Mic)


•Keylogger ( live One )

•Offline keylogger (Colored HTML) , Live Passwords , IMS Spy with

Automatic Delivery to FTP

•Cached PWS Fetcher [6 embended PWS Plugins]

•VNC (Remote Desktop Live Control)

•Site Detection : Check all ur vics and know which one visits a specific site

•Clipboard manager

•Information about the remote machine

•Cache Reader

•Screen Recorder ( Record the user activities on the Screen into AVI Movies)

Others :

•Shutdown Menu

•Nuclear Fun Agent (Fun)

•Download from WEB / Mass Download / Seclection Download

•Visit Site

And Many Others Features , Try it urself

Changes in 1.35


-Added Computer Name Next to username to Stop Duplication of Dirs with Same names

-Added Selection Mass Download , u Can Select the Vics u want to Download Files on them

-Fixed Crashing on Wrong Utilities Plugin

-Fixed Crashing on Information Retreiving

-Fixed few stuffs in File manager (Dirs , file listing , Drives listing ect)


-Double Click on The Row Copies the IP to Clipboard [Client]

-Fixed Download Folder where not being Created Sometimes

-Added Notifications Back

-Fixed Persistence bug when used different Dir than System32

-Unicode Support has been added to the Client [so Multi Languages will be available in Next version]

-Updated the PWS Components with latest versions

-FIXED PWS Plugin Crash when Firefox Not found

-Fixed File Size Problem in all Download procedure , wich made file unreadable or screenshot unviewable on some vics

-Implemented a Threads Handler using SendMessage to Make the Client Safe Thread

-Replaced Ping Interval from MS to Seconds

-Fixed a Bug in Windows 2000 [shellExecute] causing many crashes on VNC,VID REC,PWS ect..

-Fixed many Windows 2000 Bugs [important]

-Added Ability to retreive IP and port Via URL

-Fixed Cam manager totaly

-Removed Popups menus from Screen and Cam manager and Moved to Options

-Added Offline IM SPY (MSN,YAHOO,AIM)

-Added NFA Plugin [MS Agent 2.0 Control]

-Added Ability to Listen on Multiple Ports in the Same Time [in The Client]

-Added FTP Server [Require Utility Plugin]

-Changed Screen Clicks Method , Enable Screen Clicks and Click Directly on the image

-Added Uninstall Service to Service Manager

-Fixed Compression Set in Cam manager

-Added Cache Reader [Require Utility Plugin]

-Added Shutdown Menu

-Added Modules Manager to the Process Manager

-Fixed Folder Mirroring

-Added Ability to Delete Multiple Files in File manager(Selection)

-Added Stats [Client]

-Added Open Windows Menu [Client]

-Added Shortcut Menu [Client]

-Changed the GUI of the Client

-Fixed Cam Manager , Added ability to Select from Multiple Cams

-Choose Installation Location in Create Server

Changes in 1.34


-NEw Rootkit

-Option for Bandook to Send Offline logs automaticly to FTP Server

-Implemented Drag and Drop For Multiple File for Upload , and Multiple File Selection For Download

-Added List Sorting in File manager (Name,Size,Date)

-Added a Multiple File Transfer manager (upload / Download)

-Fixed memory Leaks that was happening in Filemanager , reg manager ect

-Fixed Online Keylogger

-Fixed a Bug that was causing some utility functions not to work cause of the 3 DNS

-Added File Search [Requires Utility Plugin]

-Added Screen Video Record [Requires SVIDEO Plugin]

Changes v1.33 v3


[use new client with new server]

-Loaded most Apis Dynamicly (Use Unpacked for Undetection)

-Mouse Drawn when taking a Screenshot

-Multiple DNS

-Fixed Upload Socket Active

-Client Resizable

-Changed Cached PWS into 1 Big Plugin Containing 6 PWs Plugin

-Added Rar Plugin [Rar Dir - Rar File in File manager]

Changes v1.33 v2


-Added Remote Mailbombing

-Added DDOS Attacks

Changes v1.33


-Infect File Added

-Changed keylogger now gets all chars (russian ect)

-Added a decent offline / Pass Logger

-Added Service Manager

-Fixed Clipboard managr

-Added Check for right plugin , it wont crash anymore if u install old plugins

-Changed commands handling again

-Added Last modified Date to file manager

-Fixed / tweaked many stuffs

Changes 1.32 Version 2


-Added Clipboard manager

-Fixed Rootkit

-Added Site Detection

Changes 1.32 :


*1 Port Usage for Everything (you will only need to forward the connection port if u are

behind a router Smile )

*VNC Plugin Added

*System Information Added

*All Sockets Has been Changed

*Direct Plugins Upload

*Many Fixes

*MSN Style Notifications Disabled in this verison due to Client memory leaks

v1.31 Change Log


-Optimised bandook totaly

-added Exceptions handling

-Added Error handling

-Changed the Inet resolving Method

-Changed The File manager System (Faster)

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puteai sa pui si u poza aia mai frumos


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