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[RST] Chilkat .NET Component Crack

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DLL : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv522hopbfh94jx/ChilkatCrack.dll

Usage :

Dim Crack As New ChilkatCrack.Crack


Pentru a nu afisa mesajul folositi :

Dim Crack As New ChilkatCrack.Crack

Exe + DLL : https://www.dropbox.com/s/nbon90cj3id6lzj/ChilkatCrack.rar

Mi se pare un DLL super folositor si crack pentru el nu am gasit pe net (pentru ultima versiune). Sper sa va fie de folos.

Testat pe XP 32bit & Win7 Ultimate 64bit

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Chilkat Software Keygen v2.0 By DFoX



Systems/Environments: Linux, MAC OS X, iOS (IPhone), Android™, Windows Phone, Mono, Xamarin, Windows 7/8, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003-2008, x64, RHEL/CentOS, Solaris (SPARC and x86), HP-UX, PowerLinux, ARM Linux, Raspberry Pi

Programming Languages: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, VB6, FoxPro, VBScript, Delphi, SQL Server, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, C++ Builder, Powershell, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, Lianja, PureBasic, all languages supporting ActiveX (such as PowerBuilder, DataFlex, etc.).

Licensing/APIs: Identical APIs across all programming languages; Licenses valid for all programming languages.

Products .:


Info .:


Download .:


..:: DFoX ::..

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Dear bro,

How to input license to dll file??


Read Chilkat Documentation...

Here .: Example Programs, Code Examples, Sample Code, Source, Android™, Classic ASP, C, C++, C#, C# WinRT, DataFlex, Delphi ActiveX, Delphi DLL, Visual FoxPro, Java, Lianja, MFC, Objective-C, Perl, PHP ActiveX, PHP Extension, PowerBuilder, PowerShell, Pure

You can find some example.. like this.-.

#include <CkHttp.h>

#include <CkHttpRequest.h>

#include <CkHttpResponse.h>

void ChilkatSample(void)


CkHttp http;

bool success = http.UnlockComponent("Insert Serial Here..");


Best Regards From Italy...

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