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6 Software Anti Mosquitoes

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KP - Anti Mosquitoes v.10


This program produces sound in the range of 16000Hz to 20000Hz which is beyond the audiable range of humans. Pests and other animals can though hear the very same frequency. This sound produces an undesirable effect on mosquitos and other pests thus restrains them from flying.

I can hardly imagine, how author of this tool and anyone out there could get 16KHz+ out of his speakers, but... Moreover, human ear can hear 40HZ to 20KHZ, mosquitos 18k unto 24k, PC loudspeakers can produce sound upto 17/18k.

Hence, the program will probably kill your acoustic, instead of killing the mosquito arround you.

Besides critical thinking, it was proven that these type of things are not effective.

Anti mosquito sound


Remember that buzzing sound that exert from your mobile phone speaker? Now it can be played over your PC speaker to get rid that nasty bugs away! Does it work? I strongly doubt!

Why? Don't invest too much of your hopes into this sound because of the following reasones - It won't work because the point in mp3 format is that when you convert or record in this format it tries to make the file smaller so it "gets out" the "unnecessary" sounds (those that human ear can't hear or it can but hardly) from the file. So you can't record/convert ultrasound in mp3. Moreover, not all speakers can produce that frequency (cheap one will definetly not).

SEA Anti-Mosquitoes XP v2.0


Every bloodsucker will run for a shelter after hearing the hellish sounds of this utility. The working principles of the program are simple – it just generates the sound of particular frequency that mosquitoes can’t stand.

The sound parameters of the program were selected on the basis of experiments on mosquito flight at one of the universities of Kentucky.

You can select which particular pest – mosquito or fly you need to repel. When you press RUN, program scans all frequency range that is so unpleasant for mosquitoes.

The final result should be this: SEA Anti-Mosquitoes is sitting in you tray silently whistling through the speakers, mosquitoes fly away and you are extremely happy.

Scientists at different laboratories had proven that these type of things are not effective.

Ultrafobos anti mosquito software


Ultrafobos is another anti mosquito program. Its objective is to emulate diverse ranks of frequencies that are annoying or act on the nervous system of mosquitoes, flies and other insects or animals, thus frightening them and forcing to move away from certain places.

As authors of this anti mosquito program state, its name is made of two words – Ultra representing the abbreviation of extreme frequency, and fobos that comes from the Greek and means fear.

Ultrafobos emits a sound of a certain frequency through the sound card or the small internal loudspeaker of the PC.

Operation is very simple; you only have to define the frequency and duration of the sound. It is also possible to select the frequencies predefined for diverse animals and even teenagers!

The volume Vol: and duration Dur: values are obligatory, but you can also define time Tmp: (how long should the sound last) and repetitions Rpt: (how many times should it be repeated).

The reach of the sound of Ultrafobos anti mosquito software will depend on the power of your loudspeakers, generally any type of card and loudspeaker will serve to act in a room up to a distance of 15 meters or even more, depending on furniture and materials of ceiling, walls and floor.

Anti-Mosquito II software for your mobile phone


Anti Mosquito II is new state of the art mobile software that will actively repel insects. You can now use your mobile phone to repel mosquitoes! Wherever you are, this mobile program will work hard to make you comfortable.

As authors of the program from YewSoft say:

“Anti-Mosquito II software uses the principle of the bionics; the same frequency of sound is given off replicating the dragonfly and bat, which are mosquito’s natural enemies. It also provides different frequency intensity allowing the consumer choices in different conditions. As common mosquito repellents often contain chemicals that can be harmful to your body or have strong, unattractive smells, using this anti-mosquito software could be the best solution during the summer time.”

This utility:

- Has fivechoices of frequency intensity

- Has oscillograph illustration

- Shows of minimum icon on your desktop

Compatible devices:

Nokia 3600, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660/3620, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620,

Nokia 7610, Nokia7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD

Panasonic X700, Panasonic X701, Panasonic X800

Samsung SGH-D700, Samsung SGH-D710, Samsung SGH-D720, Samsung SGH-D730

Sendo X, Sendo X2, SiemensSX1

Compatible OS: Symbian 6 Series 60 1.0; Symbian 6 Series 60 1.2; Symbian7 Series 60 2.0

Wherever you are, whenever you are there, Anti MosquitoII software will work to detract mosquitoes.

Mosquito 1.0 - Palm program


Protect yourself from mosquitoes with this handy Palm program. Mosquito is one of those programs that comes along and makes original and innovative use of the technology available.

This anti mosquito software was made by Thai developer Terawat Stiankan for Palm OS 3.5 .

Mosquito 1.0 works to repel mosquitoes, enabling you to enjoy your walk outside, or sleep safely in the knowledge that none of these flying nuisances will attack you. To do this, it emits a very low frequency noise that irritates the insects but not humans. Choose from one of five frequencies to ensure your peace of mind!

It is a great anti mosquito program for anyone who suffers the curse of those biting insects in the summer months. And it can benefit your health!



Enjoy ;) !

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