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WPHardening fortification is a security tool for WordPress


$ python wphardening.py -h 
--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose Active verbose mode output results
--update Check for WPHardening latest stable version

This option must be specified to modify the package WordPress.

**REQUIRED** - Working Directory.
--load-conf=FILE Load file configuration.

Different tools to hardening WordPress.

-c, --chmod Chmod 755 in directory and 644 in files.
-r, --remove Remove files and directory.
-b, --robots Create file robots.txt
-f, --fingerprinting
Deleted fingerprinting WordPress.
-t, --timthumb Find the library TimThumb.
--wp-config Wizard generated wp-config.php
--delete-version Deleted version WordPress.
--plugins Download Plugins Security.
--proxy=PROXY Use a HTTP proxy to connect to the target url for
--plugins and --wp-config.
--indexes It allows you to display the contents of directories.
--malware-scan Malware Scan in WordPress project.

-o FILE, --output=FILE
Write log report to FILE.log


Check a WordPress Project

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress -v

Change permissions

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --chmod -v

Remove files that are not used

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --remove -v

Create your robots.txt file

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --robots -v

Remove all fingerprinting

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --fingerprinting -v

Check a TimThumb library

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --timthumb -v

Create Index file

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --indexes -v

Download Plugins security

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --plugins

Wizard generated wp-config.php

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --wp-config

Deleted version WordPress

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/path/wordpress --delete-version -v

WPHardening update

$ python wphardening.py --update

Use all options

$ python wphardening.py -d /home/user/wordpress -c -r -f -t --wp-config --delete-version --indexes --plugins -o /home/user/wphardening.log

Download: https://github.com/elcodigok/wphardening

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