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FuckShitUp - Multi Vulnerabilities Scanner written in PHP

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Data grabbing:
URL's (geturl/massurl) -> (scan)
Configs, Databases, SQLi's (dork)
Full Path Disclosures / Users (fpds) -> (brutefpds)
Top websites info (top)
Massive scanning
XSS, SQLi, LFI, RFI (scan)
FTP, SSH, DB's, IMAP (multibruter)
Accurate SSH bruteforce (brutefpds)
Web Apps
Grab url's via 'geturl' or 'massurl' (massurl requires list of tags as file)
Scan url's parameters for vulns with 'scan'
Pick target, get ip range
Scan for services on each IP and bruteforce with 'multibruter'
Grab full path disclosures, and so linux usernames
Perform SSH bruteforce for specific user with 'brutefpds'
Info grabbing
Use 'dork' for automatic dorking
Use 'fpds' for full path disclosure grabbing
Use 'search' for searching someone in ur databases
Use 'top' for scanning all top websites of specific nation
'Stat' shows actual statistics and informations
'Show' display specific file
'Clear' and 'filter' - remove duplicates, remove blacklisted url's
MultiBrtuer requirements (php5):
php5-mysql - for mysql connections
php5-pgsql - for postgresql connections
libssh2-php - for ssh connections
php5-sybase - for mssql connections
php5-imap - for imap connections
Fix problems with grabbing large amount of url's
More search engines
SQL Injector
RFI shell uploader
FSU is not secure as it should be

Download ba.

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