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Ashampoo Media Sync (100% Discount)

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Product Description

Get organized automatically

Don’t spend time hunting down and organizing your files manually! Ashampoo Media Sync scans, identifies and organizes your media for you into categories (Documents, Music, Pictures, Video) – automatically.

Files instantly organized

No more file chaos! Just plug in your device. MediaSync will do the rest!

Setting up takes only seconds

Select input location. Select output location. Select file types. Done!


Compatible with all autoplay-enabled devices

CDs, DVDs, flash drives, smartphones, digital cameras and more. You name it, MediaSync supports it!

The application consists of three main steps which you have to follow in order to sort your files. The first enables you to choose the source folder and the file category you want to sync (images, music, videos, documents), the second allows you to select the destination path and the third simply gives the all clear signal for the entire process.

Ashampoo Media Sync can be used to synchronize content between mobile phones, tablets, external drives and so on, which makes it handy for scenarios in which you made a mess of things by copying stuff to the aforementioned devices without giving too much thought to sorting.


– Syncing happens in the background

– Folder structures are preserved

– File types are automatically recognized, files get organized into four categories (Documents, Music, Pictures, Video)

– All auto-play-enabled devices are supported (CD, DVD, flash drives, smartphones, digital cameras and more)

With Ashampoo Media Sync, organizing files is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Select input location

2. Select output location

3. Select file types

Ashampoo Media Sync will scan, identify and organize your media into categories for you (Documents, Music, Pictures, Video) – automatically, every time.


Download <-

Deal Expires in: EXPIRED!

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