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SuperEasy Live Defrag (100% Discount)

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Product Description

Your hard disk could be faster!

Normal tasks like copying files or opening images takes you ages? SuperEasy Live Defrag is your hard disk professional that cleans your hard disk fully automatically and restores performance immediately.

Why SuperEasy Live Defrag?

You have the impression that your PC gets slower and slower? SuperEasy Live Defrag helps your hard disk find information faster and cleans the hard disk so that access times are reduced dramatically. The program relieves you of all the work and automatically ensures that no more fragmentation occurs.


Functions at a glance

  • Fully automatic background monitoring
  • Real-time hard disk analysis
  • Easy and uncomplicated operation
  • Weekly statistics
  • Expanded options for advanced users
  • Energy check for notebooks
  • SSD-hard disk protection
  • Timer for defragmentation tasks
  • Intelligent, resource-saving algorithm
  • Simultaneous defragmentation of several hard disks
  • Support for external USB hard disks
  • Full RAID hard disk support

Instant results

  • Accelerates the opening of files, images, videos and music
  • Removes fragmentation
  • Accelerates the packing and unpacking of files
  • Accelerates video editing
  • Accelerates the start of your PC
  • Accelerates copy procedures

Top reasons for SuperEasy

What you get with every SuperEasy program

  • Repeatedly awarded software

Computer magazines and experts worldwide recommend our programs.

  • Useful software

SuperEasy programs “made in Germany” meet the highest quality demands.

  • 1-click technology

Thanks to intelligent automatism you get results with but a few clicks.

  • Easiest operation

No previous knowledge required for operating the software.

  • Free support

Registered users get free E-mail support.

  • High satisfaction

Customers in more than 81 countries already use our programs.

  • Free updates

Users of our programs get program updates free of charge.

  • Guaranteed virus-free

All SuperEasy programs are 100% safe and virus-free.

Product Homepage Here


Download <-

Deal Expires in: EXPIRED!

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