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Android Converter 2 (100% Discount)

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Product Description

Multimedia for Android – just simple!

  • Enables you to create video clips, audio and photo files for your Android-based smartphone.
  • Supports also video clips from YouTube & Co.
  • Is compatible to any current Android-based device. Regular updates of new devices are included!


Your music, videos and photos on Android? Not a problem anymore.

You cannot listen to your music; watch your videos or photos on your smartphone? That happens because your smartphone can only play particular formats. Android Converter solves this problem and converts your music, videos and photos into the proper format. The generated files can be played on any devices with Android operating system. Thus, you always have your favourite videos, music and photos ready to hand.

Converts all of your music files!

With Android Converter you can convert music files from your hard disk or audio CDs into the formats AAC and MP3. These output formats guarantee a good audio quality with small or medium file size and are therefore particularly well suited for your Android device. The best part of Android Converter, however, is the possibility to extract the audio track from videos, save them as music files and convert them. Android Converter can even convert audio files with effective copy protection without problems. To this, the software records the soundtrack during the replay analogously.

Makes your videos fit for Android, too!

You also want to play videos on your Android device? With Android Converter this is not a problem! The software supports the conversion of single video files of any common format, e.g. AVI, DivX, Xvud, Nero Digital, WMV and internet flashvideos (flv). However, it can also handle Blu-rays or video-DVDs and convert complete DVD films or single DVD chapters. It does not matter, how long the film is. To facilitate the choice of the appropriate output format, you get a list with various output devices.

You want to save your photo on Android? No problem!

Conversion of music and videos is still not enough for you? Android Converter also takes care of your photos! The software converts photos to JPG, PNG and BMP and makes them fit for your Android device. The formats JPG and PNG compress your photos, so that they only take little storage capacity on your device. With BMP you can prepare your photos for long term storage without any loss in quality. Of course Android Converter offers more! The software also optimizes your photos automatically for display on your Android device.

Please consider: Due to legal reasons, Android Converter is not able to convert DVD-videos or other videos with effective copy protection.

Audio, video and photo files created by Android Converter, cannot only be played on Android devices, but also on a few DVD-players, streaming-clients and media center (please consult the documentation of your device). If you want to play videos on your Android device, you have to download a respective player from the Android marketplace.


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