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Appweb Web Server Denial Of Service

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Affected software: Appweb Web Server

CVE ID: CVE-2014-9708

Description: An HTTP request with a Range header of the form "Range:

x=," (ie. with an empty range value) will cause a null pointer

dereference, leading to a remotely-triggerable DoS.

Fixed versions: 4.6.6, 5.2.1

Bug entry: https://github.com/embedthis/appweb/issues/413

Fix: https://github.com/embedthis/appweb/commit/7e6a925f5e86a19a7934a94bbd6959101d0b84eb#diff-7ca4d62c70220e0e226e7beac90c95d9L17348

Reported by: Matthew Daley

- Matthew Daley

Source: http://dl.packetstormsecurity.net/1503-exploits/appweb-dos.txt

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