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ArkDasm is a 64-bit interactive disassembler and debugger for Windows.

Supported file types: PE64, raw binary files.

Supported processor: x64 architecture (Intel x64 and AMD64)

ArkDasm is released as Freeware.

Current version: 1.0.0 (April 19, 2015)

Main features:

  • parsing PE32+ imports, exports, resources
  • subroutine stack data (arguments, local variables) recognition
  • loading local debug symbols (.pdb file) using DIA
  • multiline comments support
  • bookmarks support
  • python script support
  • possibility to save, load database

What's new:

  • added debugger capabilities
  • added new commands: bp, ba
  • switched to the Capstone disasm engine
  • updated Qt to 5.4.0
  • switched to Visual Studio 2013
  • minor improvements, bug fixes

Link: ArkDasm

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