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Found 13 results

  1. Da-ti like..O sa mai pun conturi de genu ca am o gramada.Peace! Support me bros ! :X:X:X mr_winston_18@yahoo.com.au parola(bameyeudau)
  2. mentioned in a nytimes article that schneier linked to. Two samples (prod + dev), for OSX and Win32. Does anti-vm, has some keylogging support, etc. Can't seem to attach, so here's a zippyshare link. Zippyshare.com Pass: infected https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b27d29f30ecac80e15993fd1ba670bdcfc60f986e60d54e6a0cfb10f1c27bbc9/analysis/1430392133/ https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/48b36cedebe6d883f43b83e677449fc684f1eda4f8d63ab4eaaa3d4877389b85/analysis/1430392219/ Source
  3. ArkDasm ArkDasm is a 64-bit interactive disassembler and debugger for Windows. Supported file types: PE64, raw binary files. Supported processor: x64 architecture (Intel x64 and AMD64) ArkDasm is released as Freeware. Current version: 1.0.0 (April 19, 2015) Main features: parsing PE32+ imports, exports, resources subroutine stack data (arguments, local variables) recognition loading local debug symbols (.pdb file) using DIA multiline comments support bookmarks support python script support possibility to save, load database What's new: added debugger capabilities added new commands: bp,
  4. Link: Free PHP Web Hosting. No Forced Ads. Unlimited Resources. #1 in USA, UK & Canada -> F?r? reclame... -> Full Wordpress , PHP & MySql Support.
  5. io.kent


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  6. Guest

    365 Days FREE VPN

    365 Days FREE VPN ll Port Support Free VPN Client Software | Free VPN Proxy | Free VPN Download
  7. Product Description Ashampoo Snap 7 is the smartest way to capture screenshots, add notes and annotations and share them with your friends. With Ashampoo Snap 7 … … you capture images and videos right from your screen in seconds Capture rectangular regions Use free form capture for maximum flexibility Use timers for interval capturing … you have the tools to express yourself visually Get your message across with texts, hints and notes Command attention with arrows, shapes and stamps Use the pencil tool to draw freely … sharing becomes a breeze Save your screenshots to common image format
  8. >> NetGear WNDR Authentication Bypass / Information Disclosure Reported by: ---- Peter Adkins <peter.adkins () kernelpicnic.net> Access: ---- Local network; unauthenticated access. Remote network; unauthenticated access*. Tracking and identifiers: ---- CVE - Mitre contacted; not yet allocated. Platforms / Firmware confirmed affected: ---- NetGear WNDR3700v4 - V1.0.0.4SH NetGear WNDR3700v4 - V1.0.1.52 NetGear WNR2200 - V1.0.1.88 NetGear WNR2500 - V1.0.0.24 Additional platforms believed to be affected: ---- NetGear WNDR3800 NetGear WNDRMAC NetGear WPN824N NetGear WNDR4700 Vendo
  9. Avantaje pentru cei care se inregistreaza la mine: * Pentru inceput va ajut sa intelegeti metoda youtube. * Sau torrente in functie de ce se potriveste mai bine fiecarei persoane *Iar cei care au potential vor avea parte de mai mult suport din partea mea persoanele care isi dau interesul vor primii si alte nise mai profitabile Am 3 programe din care va trebuii sa va alegeti unul singur sa lucrati pe el: Program 1: -80% Reffback -Support Mess -Plata Net20 Program 2: -40%reffback -Support Mess -Plata Net10 -Ajutor in cautarea niselor + promovarea lor Program 3: - No reffback -Support Mess/Skyp
  10. FULL RAT SETUP & SUPPORT 24/7 Do you want to have your own working rat but have no idea where to start? Do you need someone to setup everything for you? Do you need someone to teach you all you need to know? Do you need someone to an swell all your questions on RATs? I am a very experienced user in RATs and I am offering members of RST a Professional service to make sure you will have a working RAT in no time for almost no cost ( Not charging precisely but i welcome gifts and appreciations) General Functions ----------------------- – Access and Administrate Computers from Anywhere – Remote
  11. Google, among several security organizations, recently announced a vulnerability in the SSL protocol, particularly SSL version 3. SSL is used to secure connections between a client and server to prevent eavesdropping, and that the data has not been tampered. SSLv3 is an old version of the SSL protocol, dating back to 1996 and debuted with Netscape Navigator. While a very old version of SSL, it is still widely supported by browsers and servers today. According to SSL Pulse, 98% of web servers support SSLv3 in October 2014. Fortunately more secure replacements for SSLv3 have existed for a long t
  12. The US National Security Agency (NSA) has offered some sort of apology for pushing insecure cryptography solutions to businesses, describing it as a "regrettable" move. Michael Wertheimer, director of research at the NSA, made the admission about the agency's support of the widely criticised Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator (Dual EC DRBG) in a letter published by the American Mathematical Society (PDF). Dual EC DRBG is a random number generator used by numerous encryption systems that was supported by the NSA throughout the 2000s. The NSA endorsement was a key factor that
  13. In a new article in an academic math journal, the NSA’s director of research says that the agency’s decision not to withdraw its support of the Dual EC_DRBG random number generator after security researchers found weaknesses in it and questioned its provenance was a “regrettable” choice. Michael Wertheimer, the director of researcher at the National Security Agency, wrote in a short piece in Notices, a publication of the American Mathematical Society, that even during the standards development process for Dual EC many years ago, members of the working group focused on the algorithm raised conc
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