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  1. lets keep words very short just finished a very simple exploit project and will be giving all member who post on here ( and pm me with direct url of their file ) will get a fully undetected doc exploited document. victims need to Enable Content to be able to get infected. post and pm method is to avoid leechers, sorry. Post here you need and pm me your url. i will respond to your pm when i see your post on thread. Lets rock guys. Scan URL: Scan4You.net - Online Anonymous Virus and Malware Scan PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FILE.EXE IS Fully Undetectable (FUD) BEFORE SENDING ME URL. PS; if i did not reply your pm in time, you can chat me on ym,jabber Yahoo IM: ratsetup247 Jabber : ratsetup247@exploit.im
  2. I told you i can setup them for you. you can download from anywhere and i can give anyone you need if i have it. i can setup almost all rat including the listed. i am not selling or posting rat files. you can get that yourself, or buy it . i will help you.
  3. FULL RAT SETUP & SUPPORT 24/7 Do you want to have your own working rat but have no idea where to start? Do you need someone to setup everything for you? Do you need someone to teach you all you need to know? Do you need someone to an swell all your questions on RATs? I am a very experienced user in RATs and I am offering members of RST a Professional service to make sure you will have a working RAT in no time for almost no cost ( Not charging precisely but i welcome gifts and appreciations) General Functions ----------------------- – Access and Administrate Computers from Anywhere – Remote Customer Support – Telecommuting – Remote Access and Communication – Remote File Management – Remote System Activity Management – Password recovery tool (Chrome, Safari, IE, FF, Filezilla, Windows Live Messenger, No-IP, IDM and many more – Keylogger – Remote Shell (Command Interpreter) – Web Downloader (HTTP) – Screen Viewer – Bandwidth Limiter – Proxy Tunneling – Reverse Socks 4/5 Proxy Server – Local Applications Proxifier – Data Transferring List Of Rats --------------------- 1.Casa RAT 2.Back Orifice 3.Bandook RAT 4.Dark Comet Rat 5.Cerberus 6.Cybergate 7.Blackshades 8.Poison Ivy 10.Syndrome RAT 11.Team Viewer 12.Y3k RAT 13.Snoopy 15.5p00f3r.N$ RAT 16.NetBus 17.SpyNet 18.P. Storrie RAT 19.Turkojan Gold 20.Bifrost 21.Lost Door 22.Beast 23.Shark 24.Sub7 25.Pain RAT 26.xHacker Pro RAT 27.Seed RAT 28.Optix Pro RAT 29.Dark Moon 30.NetDevil 31.Deeper RAT 32.MiniMo RAT Contact: Send me a PM or email/chat me up on Yahoo IM: ratsetup247@yahoo.com Jabber : ratsetup247@exploit.im
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