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Cum securizezi un root...prins la php....

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Modificatzi fisieru vulnerabil si introducetzi acest co intr-un loc gol:



if (isset ($pilih)) {include $pilih;}

else {include "main.php";}


$pilih = $variable

mail.php = some .php page

2. Securizatzi in Mambo:

defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( '5aa3b284dbb9a6c970f5d4f405d19c' )

_VALID_MOS = $variable

Direct Access... = Your messegge

3. Securizare de PHPBB

if ( !defined('IN_PHPBB') ) { die("You Are A LaMeR"); }

IN_PHPBB = $variable

You Are.... = you comment

Alta secrizare:

if (eregi ("http", $variable)){exit;}

$variable = $variablee

exit = exec mode

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clawmvp said:
teh-method said:
Well, exploituri pt. a obtine drept de root pe un php prins, aveti? :lol:


poate te ajuta

immm .. pe langa securitydot si packetstormsecurity, da! :lol: Apropo, poti fi mai precis in explicare securizarii? da un exemplu' cu vulnerabilitatea din smf.php :D Am reusit, dar se vede totu' alb .. vroiam sa scrie Patched! ;]

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