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facebook e ciudat in zilele astea

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deci un prieten deal meu "englez" A primit ban la cont azi ghici motivul ....

fake name adica nume fals am vorbit si eu niste chestii ieri cu el despre implementarea unui chatbox pe site-urile mele pentru live support si azi a primit ban la cont iam zis ca si eu am un fel de fake name adica decat first name , last name nu lam pus si a facut alt cont cu alt nume si pe ala a primit ban si foarte rapid dupa inregistrare , ce se intampla today? facebook are alte politici sau nu stiu eu.

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asa e... ce dracu decenta ca ce poze pun minorele astea si eu leas fute daia sunt atatea cazuri de violurii :))

Este destul sa le propui sa le dai la buci, si vin de bunavoie, nu trebuie violate. Intr-o seara, cam beat, i-am propus la una sa mergem undeva in weekend, sa ne distram. A spus da din prima.

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mda o fi treaba asta


As a result of this revelation, the share price of Facebook dropped below $20

cica Shareprice a scazut cu 20$ deci pentru 20$ e foame mare

The stories of mass impersonation, trolling, domestic abuse, and higher rates of bullying and intolerance are oftentimes the result of people hiding behind fake names, and it's both terrifying and sad. Our ability to successfully protect against them with this policy has borne out the reality that this policy, on balance, and when applied carefully, is a very powerful force for good.


Victory for drag queens as Facebook apologises for 'real-name' policy | Technology | The Guardian

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