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    Contactless pay utilizeaza EMV (aka chip and pin) deci nu poate fi clonat prea usor. In plus la plata conctactless e limita de (12-100€) cu medianul pe la 40€ deci naspa. In plus cardul accepta un numar limitat de tranzactii inainte sa ceara pin. Conctactless e foarte nesigur si prost construit, dar e si limitat la tranzactii mici
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    vezi ca era recent un baiat pe aici care cerea sfaturi ca merge la parnaie in 48 ore
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    Trojan Spyware: https://github.com/MinhasKamal/TrojanCockroac Now, insert the USB-Drive in the subject's PC (Yes, you have to start the spreading process from somewhere!) Run the shortcut and the spyware will be injected. Now (after a restart) everytime any USB-Drive is inserted in the affected PC, the virus will copy itself in that, and the circle will start again!
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    Dear member I present you the new origin checker to have games accounts for free! Screenshot: Video: Download link: https://anonfile.com/01kcQ8d3bb/Klandu_H...hecker.rar I hope this will suit you Thank you for reading. Cordially Klandu Hacked
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