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  1. Cum dezinfectam computerul ? 1. Fierbeti mouse-ul si tastatura la oala sub presiune cel putin doua ore. 2. Curatati procesorul cu clor, dupa care clatiti cu Cocolino. 3. Puneti hard disk-ul in congelator. 4. Spalati memoria in clor si apoi o lasati in cocolina vreo 30 minute. 5. Intrati si pe site-uri neortodoxe ? Te sfatuiesc sa duci carcasa la spovedit. 6. Daca faci prosti pe net trebuie curatat si cablul de retea cu smirghelul apoi lasat 1-2h in acid azotic sa se duca toate urmele In caz ca mai stiti voi alte metode pm me si voi completa lista
  2. Pe pariu ca nu stie sa faca upload la shell ? ) ON: Dovada?
  3. La multi ani:) Nevasta frumoasa, copii frumosi.
  4. Devira.b0t3r


    Esti total pe langa...In fine... RSTCENTER CHAT
  5. Poate am gresit eu ceva, mie nu imi merge:| Mai incerc odata si revin cu edit:|
  6. Multumesc mult. Eu incercasem cu WinToFlash si nu mi-a iesit...
  7. Deci: www.google.com/robots.txt www.youtube.com/robots.txt Imi poate explica si mie care este treaba cu astea? Dece apar alea? Ce fac? La ce folosesc? Sunt mai n0b de felu meu
  8. <HTML><HEAD><title>DeFaCeD bY ToIl FrOm BuGaBuSe.NeT</title> <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="60;URL=http://www.bugabuse.net/"> </HEAD> <meta name="description" content="Bugabuse.Net Deface" /> <meta name="keywords" content="bugabuse.net hacking forum" /> <BODY text=white link=#0000ff background="http://www.bugabuse.net/binary.gif" onload=stuff()> <style type="text/css"> html, body {padding: 0; margin: 0; height: 100%;} #container { min-height: 100%; width: 780px; margin: 0 auto; position: relative; background: #ffc; } * html #container {height: 100%;} hr.footpad, hr.headpad { margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0; height: 100px; visibility: hidden; } #footer { border-top: 10px solid #000; height: 35px; } P { padding: 20px; margin: 0; } </style> <center> <a href="http://www.bugabuse.net/"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/7VXmi.png" alt="Enter Forums" /> </a> <!-- IMAGE BEGINS HERE --> <font size="-3"> <FORM><TEXTAREA style="border:none;color: white; background-image: url('http://www.bugabuse.net/binary.gif'); "disabled=0 rows=21 cols=60 ></TEXTAREA> </FORM></CENTER></FONT> </pre></font> <!-- IMAGE ENDS HERE --> <center> <iframe width="1" height="1" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/b69BB4i30Ms?autoplay=1&hd=1&loop=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <SCRIPT language=Javascript> var tl=new Array( "Hello wandering user", "", "This website has now been hacked.", "", "The database has been compromised and will be released soon", "", "www.bugabuse.net, Proud hackers of Tipit, NightmareRH and More.", "", "Shoutouts: ", "", "Tresm - Hacking the Forum", "", "Zum - Being one of the best possible mods their can be.", "", "", "Ignorance may be bliss, but Ignorance will hold you back.", "", "", "Please click the link below to continue your journey.", "", "**Message Terminated**" ); var speed=80; var index=0; text_pos=0; var str_length=tl[0].length; var contents, row; function stuff() { contents=''; row=Math.max(0,index-21); while(row<index) contents += tl[row++] + '\r\n'; document.forms[0].elements[0].value = contents + tl[index].substring(0,text_pos) + "_"; if(text_pos++==str_length) { text_pos=0; index++; if(index!=tl.length) { str_length=tl[index].length; setTimeout("stuff()",1000); } } else setTimeout("stuff()",speed); } </SCRIPT> <a href="http://www.bugabuse.net/"> Enter Forums </a> <br /> <footer>Hacked by TRESM of Bugabuse.net</footer> </center> <br> <p> </div> </BODY></HTML> Atat .. astea 2 am avut..
  9. Pare cam slab.Ce i dai de mancare.. ?
  10. Sa nu imi spui ca tu prima data spargi site-u si dupa stai inca 2 ore sa iti faci index-u E mai bine sa ai totul pregatit... EDIT: Syckchet: Frate, mie imi place sa am totu pregatit chiar daca nu osa se intample vreodata chestia asta..
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