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    Idealistic, ambitious, wise, patient and optimistic, are just a few words that describe him.
    While putting soul in everything he is willing to accomplish, Cosmin is also a Python and technology enthusiast, a perfection seeker, a methodical autodidact eager to learn more.
    When not at the computer, he can be found on the running track, out with friends or in a quiet place reading and listening to some chillout music.
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  1. Hi guys, Blue Wire Software is looking for senior software engineers with experience in Python willing to collaborate remotely with top πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ US clients on challenging projects. This is a long-term contract and you'll feel like in a real team with an accent on those β›± benefits that matter the most and support towards your growth. If you love designing and optimizing APIs with 🐍 Python in a microservice world, then definitely you should read more about the role here: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/BlueWireSoftware/743999718294605-python-software-engineer?fbclid=IwAR1gaWKdmuFB6RbHHjSPh7NTETybHf3aGjAPl7X9NV3yPnAlidCWM9vCt2U
  2. Incearca cu asta: (([\w.-]+\s*[.-]+\s*)+\w+|\w+)\s*@\s*([\w.-]+\s*[.-]+\s*)+\w+ Testat cu: http://sprunge.us/dGTb?py In grupurile inainte de "@" ce contin ".-", poti pune si alte caractere speciale gen: !#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{|}~ dar vezi sa le escapezi inainte. Mai multe detalii la https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_address -> local part.
  3. Vin si eu cu un patch cu rata mai mica de coliziune si cu argumente date frumos la rulare (+ ceva optimizari de cod si bug-uri rezolvate), doar de fun, ca teoretic cam trebuie rescris tot de acolo . Script: http://sprunge.us/LASd?py
  4. cmiN

    Fun stuff

    Albastru > Rosu > Mov
  5. masturbation or sex ?
  6. Eram curios cat ia un brute pe un charset decent si cu lungimea cuvantului nu prea mare, dar din alta perspectiva e destul de "costumizabil".
  7. http://www.phonebloks.com/ - worth a try
  8. Felicitari, facusem si eu ceva similar candva, dar era mai de liceu . @Nytro: - scriptul initial (ceva mai low level) - tutorial
  9. IronPython este varianta "Visual Studio" (.NET) a interpretorului pe windows, deci (nu am incercat) probabil iti permite sa faci in aceeasi maniera interfata si corelarea cu modelul, iar Kivy este un framework cross-platform bazat pe pygame ce iti permite sa faci natural user interfaces pe mai orice (multi)touch, asa ca nu vad cum cineva ti-ar putea recomanda ceva intre cele doua in timp ce ele sunt lucruri total diferite ce au in comun acelasi limbaj. Daca doar vrei sa faci o interfata simpla, ar fi bine s-o faci la mana si nu cred ca te-ar avantaja cu ceva daca ar fi windows dependent, deci Tkinter ar fi ok, s-a mai discutat ceva similar si mai in detaliu si aici: https://rstforums.com/forum/47899-material-de-studiu-python-gui-programming.rst .
  10. cmiN

    Fun stuff

    ^ "Si doctorul scosese manusa de cauciuc..."
  11. cmiN

    Fun stuff

    ^ dupa & reanimale made my day
  12. salut mestere bagama in lista pe mess id vlad_0031 hai poate iti vine dotarea pe care no ai si nu mai stai la sala

  13. Ai noroc ca nu aveam somn azi-noapte. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <sys/stat.h> #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/wait.h> #define SV 1 #define CL 2 #define BUFL 128 #define check(a, !strcmp(a, static inline int str_comp(const void * first, const void * second) { return strcmp(*((char * *)first), *((char * *)second)); } void process_file(char * fname, char * lines) { /* open the file, read and sort all lines, then write the first 3 of them to `lines` buffer */ int linesLen = 0; char * * linesVec = NULL; FILE * file = fopen(fname, "r"); while (1) { char line[BUFL]; fgets(line, BUFL, file); if (feof(file)) break; linesVec = realloc(linesVec, ++linesLen * sizeof(char *)); linesVec[linesLen - 1] = malloc((strlen(line) + 1) * sizeof(char)); strcpy(linesVec[linesLen - 1], line); } fclose(file); qsort(linesVec, linesLen, sizeof(char *), str_comp); strcpy(lines, linesVec[0]); strcat(lines, linesVec[1]); strcat(lines, linesVec[2]); for (int i = 0; i < linesLen; ++i) free(linesVec[i]); free(linesVec); } int main(int argc, char * argv[]) { if (argc < 3) { printf("Usage: %s OPTION (NAME...|NAME FILE)\n", argv[0]); puts("Open a server or client using named pipes communication for processing a file.\n\ \n\ Options:\n\ -s, --server open for serving\n\ -c, --client open for sending\n\ \n\ Parameters:\n\ NAME path name(s) for FIFO(s)\n\ FILE file path for lines reading"); return 1; } int whoami = 0; if (check(argv[1], "-s") || check(argv[1], "--server")) whoami = SV; else if (check(argv[1], "-c") || check(argv[1], "--client")) whoami = CL; if (whoami == SV) { // make FIFOs int fifoLen = argc - 2; // for input/output char * * fifoIn = malloc(sizeof(char *) * fifoLen); char * * fifoOut = malloc(sizeof(char *) * fifoLen); for (int i = 2; i < 2 + fifoLen; ++i) { int ind = i - 2; int len = sizeof(char) * (strlen(argv[i]) + 2); fifoIn[ind] = malloc(len); fifoOut[ind] = malloc(len); strcpy(fifoIn[ind], argv[i]); strcpy(fifoOut[ind], argv[i]); strcat(fifoIn[ind], "i"); strcat(fifoOut[ind], "o"); // rw-rw-rw- mkfifo(fifoIn[ind], 0666); mkfifo(fifoOut[ind], 0666); } // wait for messages, process them, then send the response for (int i = 0; i < fifoLen; ++i) { pid_t pid = fork(); if (pid == 0) { // the child // open the pipe for reading int fin = open(fifoIn[i], O_RDONLY); char fname[BUFL] = {0}; read(fin, fname, BUFL); close(fin); // read the filename, open and process it printf("Process %s on channel %s\n", fname, argv[i + 2]); char lines[3 * BUFL] = {0}; process_file(fname, lines); // send the lines back to client int fout = open(fifoOut[i], O_WRONLY); write(fout, lines, strlen(lines)); close(fout); return 0; } } // wait processes to finish for (int i = 0; i < fifoLen; ++i) wait(NULL); // free resources for (int i = 0; i < fifoLen; ++i) { unlink(fifoIn[i]); unlink(fifoOut[i]); free(fifoIn[i]); free(fifoOut[i]); } free(fifoIn); free(fifoOut); } else if (whoami == CL) { // prepare pipe names for i/o int len = sizeof(char) * (strlen(argv[2]) + 2); char * fifoIn = malloc(len); char * fifoOut = malloc(len); strcpy(fifoIn, argv[2]); strcat(fifoIn, "i"); strcpy(fifoOut, argv[2]); strcat(fifoOut, "o"); // open server's input for writing int fout = open(fifoIn, O_WRONLY); write(fout, argv[3], strlen(argv[3])); close(fout); // now receive the response int fin = open(fifoOut, O_RDONLY); char lines[3 * BUFL] = {0}; read(fin, lines, 3 * BUFL); close(fin); puts(lines); free(fifoIn); free(fifoOut); } else { fputs("Invalid or no option selected\n", stderr); return 2; } return 0; }
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