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  1. In original package (not opened). Shipping from Russia, Nizhegorodskaya oblast. Im waiting your offer for price (+shipping). Only wm/qiwi/btc
  2. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to access the chat room Error code: 2H269/5 How fix this? I wait 2+ week's
  3. Installing BackTrack 5 R3 Hm... I think its very fresh course
  4. Yes, i need some this, but my .exe have encryption key ... This work if file without encrypt key but if file have encrypted bytecode - error:
  5. Yes, now intresting "how recive python code from .exe" (for testing). How did man, that recive python code from encrypted bytecode ?
  6. I think you about PjOrion, not about "how recive python code from .exe with encrypted bytecode" ps ik that my EN so bad
  7. I understand this and will try, but how he did this?
  8. I given .exe to one people... .exe is python script, compiled by pyinstaller with very strong key (20 symbols) And he after 5 min given me full source code with all variables and name of variables
  9. Very interesting ... You don't know how he find source code? I used key for encrypt bytecode (length of key - 20 symbols, he dont know key) and convert to .exe
  10. This code may decompiled. I tired pyinstaller with key (O,v2G:Qf[jYpOcOl)Wyy) and he decompiled!
  11. I wanna compile .py to .exe and hide source code (python) ..
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