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    RST Bashed

    @aelius , Gecko mi-a dat ban acum cateva zile pe chat doar pentru ca mi-am bagat pula in el, da-mi unban, vreau sa il injur mai mult ! @fallen_angel da-mi unban moderatorule :))) @aelius Who's Chatting Sandu aelius badluck Nu ma parasi tovarase !
  2. Webz

    RST Bashed

    Acel moment cand te simti atat de neimportant
  3. [+] Date: [23-8-2016] [+] Autor Guillermo Garcia Marcos [+] Vendor: https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/mail-masta.zip [+] Title: Mail Masta WP Local File Inclusion [+] info: Local File Inclusion The File Inclusion vulnerability allows an attacker to include a file, usually exploiting a "dynamic file inclusion" mechanisms implemented in the target application. The vulnerability occurs due to the use of user-supplied input without proper validation. Source: /inc/campaign/count_of_send.php Line 4: include($_GET['pl']); Source: /inc/lists/csvexport.php: Line 5: include($_GET['pl']);
  4. Web design in 4 minutes. Just click on links :3 magic
  5. Webz


    Noisli helps you to : Noisli.. Îl folosesc şi eu când am galagie împrejur . Mă ajută să mă relaxez , ai ce combinaţii de sunete să alegi , iar unele sunt ,,,devastatoare,,
  6. NODEJS RCE AND A SIMPLE REVERSE SHELL While reading through the blog post on a RCE on demo.paypal.com by @artsploit, I started to wonder what would be the simplest nodejs app that I could use to demo a RCE. Looking at the hello world tutorials online, I came up with the following simple app that takes a user input via the URL as a GET parameter and passes it to eval, which is obviously a bad programming practice. Obviously, the functionality of this app is questionable, but in the real world Node applications will use eval to leverage JavaScript’s eval but with sandboxing amon
  7. Hai sa luam fiecare domeniu si sa intrebam la ce sa il folosim. Sa fim seriosi , in pula mea gandeste-te putin la ce poti folosi domeniul ,,th1'' ... Nu e nimic sugestiv , e fix pula .
  8. Mie mi-a dat PM , dar in momentul de fata functioneaza link-ul. Multumesc pentru resurse !
  9. Frans Rosén has reported hundreds of security issues using his big white hat since 2012. The Secret Life of a Bug Bounty Hunter – Frans Rosén @ Security Fest 2016
  10. Salut , Ca resurse / tutoriale iti mai pot recomanda cursul de pe Treehouse care este foarte detaliat si clar , iar versiunea pyhon-ului predata este versiunea 3 , care este recomandata pentru incepatori . Alte resurse folositoare : Complete python bootcamp Learn python the hard way Acum depinde ce aplicatii vrei sa creezi sau daca vrei sa te orientezi pe web ( django , flask ) , dar iti recomand si : Black hat Python Gray hat python Succes la invatat !
  11. Nu stiu cat o sa tina , dar din aparente o sa se bage foarte , foarte multa lume pe site
  12. Using Web Application Firewall to detect and block common web application attacks
  13. At NotSoSecure, we conduct Pen Test/ Code Reviews on a day-to-day basis and we recently came across an interesting piece of PHP code that could lead to RCE, but the exploitation was bit tricky. After spending some sleepless nights trying to break this code, we identified that both application and system level code execution was possible using the vulnerability. This blog post from Rahul Sasi will shed some info on the bug and exploitation part. The vulnerable code: PHP Vulnerable code In the above code, user controlled value could be passed on to PHP un-serialization functi
  14. :))))))))))) MOR MAI RAU CA INDIENII IN PULA MEA voi ne faceti de ras :))))))
  15. aelius , aveam si eu ban pe chat , poti sa mi-l scoti ? Cred ca tu mi l-ai dat. Trag pula.
  16. Fara sa inspectati codul , data viitoare puteti sa va da-ti seama doar din titlu , e unul destul de sugestiv : ,,[NEW] Priv8 PHP Mailer 2016 clean Script For free ...... :D''
  17. Webz

    CSRF PoC Generator

    Are si burp suite o functie asemanatoare
  18. Webz


    Scoate banu de pe chat raule
  19. Nu inteleg de ce tot ii ziceti ca a dat banii de pomana , ca si-a luat un laptop prea puternic , daca omul isi permite putea sa-si ia si macbook pro.
  20. Webz

    RST Bashed

    stiam ca ajunge pe bashed ma fac de cacat #cry #lol
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