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  1. Marlani dau pm'uri Aerosol, tu stai cuminte si nu spune nimic,
  2. Andrei prost a fost ce-l care te'a PROIECTAT sincer acum @Kronzy Nu te mai plange...
  3. deci Sandabot.. imi pici bine dar ocoleste-ma fusei ocupata cu ceva programare in php! acum am sa va raspund.. @Kronzy TU CINE ESTI ? alt papagal ? ce adunatura de mucosi
  4. Am sa va aliniez pe totii! @ThaiFight tocmai incerc sa-mi fac un grup de amici, buni, si nu falsi ca multi de aici ........................................................................................................................... Va trebui sa fac putina ordine intre amici Seara frumoasa Calugarilor
  5. Sa sti ca ma hranesc cu fraieri ca tine, la asta m-am referit, Boule si cand am zic oferservici, m-am referit la, scriptu'ri si access la site ca admin! vai de pulicica ta! varza de tamaie ce esti
  6. Introduction Post We need to know a little bit about you to consider approval into the forum. Please state who invited you followed by a brief description of your abilities. That is to say, what are you good at? What is your skill-set? What unique contribution can you bring to the forum that will make us want you here? Include links to your profile on other sites. This is so we can check your reputation on other forums to see if you are in good standing. Lastly, please leave your jabber so members can contact you. Or if you wish to keep it private state to request Jabber in pm. Hello, I'm <nickname>. I was invited by <person who invited you>. I'm a <developer> and I can contribute to the marketplace by <providing coding services/porno>. My <interests/hobbies/specializations> include <researching NT internals/reverse engineering/furious masturbation> and some recent projects I have been involved in include <creating a website/coding a backend/etc>. Here are some links to profiles of mine on other sites: <...>. My jabber is: <...> Thank you and let me know if you have any questions! Password Policy Reply with quote A minimal enforcement of the Password Policy is in place, full enforcement will begin shortly. Read the rules and if your password does not meet the requirements, update it immediately to avoid automatic lockout. If you're password is used for anything besides darkode change it immediately. Your password must be at least 15 characters long and contain atleast 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 numerical, and 1 special character. It must not resemble a word in any known dictionary or a word with letters replaced by numbers or anything similar. If you're password is used for anything besides darkode change it immediately (even if it meets the requirements). iX~1y$D.x5A%pFj!3Al$ is an example of a secure password. ZlA2pA4kGm6AnQi! is not as secure but works. Do not include a slash /\ quote " or parentheses () in your new password or you will be unable to login. If you're not recieving feedback and have trouble obtaining vouches, here is my suggestion: Amend your intro to include details, vague introduction posts will get you no-where and possibly deleted from the forum. You must get users of the forum to want you to be approved. You must show you can be a contribution to the forum, an asset. The best way to do this is making business while on intro and asking members to post feedback. Talk about what you have to offer and what types of projects you are interested in. Be specific, ensure if a user wants what you can offer, or has what you are looking for they know to contact you. To show your worth, give example screenshots, Proof of Concept Code, or code snippets with annotated descriptions.. Acum prezentarea mea! Salut si bine v-am gasit, sunt furioasa, cunosc html,php,vb, etc.. Most active forum m-am registrat pentru ca imi place sa stiu si sa citesc tot ce se invarte asupra IT.. Nu alerg dupa porno, dar ofer servicii in domeniul acesta! Daca doriti sa mai multe detali intrebati! Si acum va rog sa ma acceptati sa fac parte din acest forum.. Va multumesc!
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