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  1. Salutare, imi cer scuze daca am gresit sectiunea sau e o intrebare mult prea usoara pt acest forum ( e prima mea postare ). Am primit la facultate un cod pt spart o parola shadow ( era dintr-un exemplu) iar dupa ce am testat acel exemplu, am primit un alt hash pe care sa-l spargem, insa fara niciun cod sursa. Deci mai pe scurt, poate cineva sa ma ajute sa modific acel exemplu primit pt hash-ul pe care trebuie sa-l sparg? Aici e exemplul primit de la facultate. Acum enuntul problemei de care nu-i dau de cap suna asa : " Find the password that corresponds to the following shadows entry,
  2. o Sensepost Footprint Tools o Big Brother o BiLE Suite o Alchemy Network Tool o Advanced Administrative Tool o My IP Suite o Wikto Footprinting Tool o Whois Lookup o Whois o SmartWhois o ActiveWhois o LanWhois o CountryWhois o WhereIsIP o Ip2country o CallerIP o Web Data Extractor Tool o Online Whois Tools o What is MyIP o DNS Enumerator o SpiderFoot o Nslookup o Extract DNS Information • Types of DNS Records • Necrosoft Advanced DIG o Expired Domains o DomainKing o Domain Name Analyzer
  3. BlackWire calling spoof crack password! GirlShare - Download BlackWire.rar BlackKeys:fDeW5ISMx8jeKJMGB%2BJZrHTwgI0MgVSITg4M%2Bq7KHJzz8TZ9D%2ByTQ027KSrWscID%2Fpb2%2FC9TXvg9yT4S%0AZ28e3W1v7sC0YRn0GqNLxu350yk%3D
  4. Am gasit un link pe care il consider util.Sursa HF How Secure Is My Password?
  5. Just a moment... username:adytzu98
  6. source : https://www.dionach.com/blog/easily-grabbing-microsoft-sql-server-password-hashes
  7. Bad news first, folks. LastPass, our favorite password manager (and yours) has been hacked. It’s time to change your master password. The good news is, the passwords you have saved for other sites should be safe.The Intermediate Guide to Mastering Passwords with LastPass LastPass has announced on their company blog that they detected an intrusion to their servers. While encrypted user data (read: your stored passwords for other sites) was not stolen, the intruders did take LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes. The latter is what
  8. Today everybody wants to know — Who visited my Facebook profile?, Who unfriended me from the Facebook Friend list?, Who saw my Facebook posts?, and many other features that isn't provided by Facebook by default. So most Facebook users try to find out a software and fall victim to one that promises to accomplish their desired task. Hackers make use of this weakness and often design malicious programs in order to victimize broad audience. Following I am going to disclose the realities behind one such software designed cleverly to trick Facebook users to make them believe it is genuine. UnfriendA
  9. Introduction Post We need to know a little bit about you to consider approval into the forum. Please state who invited you followed by a brief description of your abilities. That is to say, what are you good at? What is your skill-set? What unique contribution can you bring to the forum that will make us want you here? Include links to your profile on other sites. This is so we can check your reputation on other forums to see if you are in good standing. Lastly, please leave your jabber so members can contact you. Or if you wish to keep it private state to request Jabber in pm. Hello, I'm
  10. o intrebare se poate ? am un Toshiba Tecra A Series ... si am o problema . nu pot intra in bios din cauza a Supervisor Password . nu o stiu , nu am folosito niciodata !! inafara de schimbarea hdd'ului e vreo alta varianta ?:)
  11. 1) Boot from the Windows Server 2012 ISO 2) At Windows Setup menu, click Next 3) Chose Repair your computer 4) On Choose and option click Troubleshoot 5) Under Advanced options click Command Prompt Now on command prompt, run commands: d: cd windows\system32 ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe 6) Close command prompt and click “Continue”. 7) Server will now boot and present the logon screen. Here press Windows Key + U 8) In prompt you can now change the password typing the command: net user administrator Password This will set the password for Administrator to Passwor
  12. Google has been obliged to revise its Password Alert anti-phishing protection just hours after releasing it when security researchers showed how the technology was easily circumvented. Security consultant Paul Moore (@Paul_Reviews) has published a proof-of-concept JavaScript exploit that skirted the defensive technology with just seven lines of code. The Password Alert for Chrome browser plug-in is meant to trigger alerts for users in cases when they are induced to hand over their password to counterfeit sites impersonating Google (other online services aren't covered). The extension only kick
  13. RYANCS1

    Stealer log

    Application: Google Chrome Host: https://www.dyndn.es/ Username: Fastnet@walla.com Password: Ratte113 Application: Google Chrome Host: https://www.dropbox.com/de/ Username: fastnet112@googlemail.com Password: Ratte112 Application: Google Chrome Host: Username: fastnet@walla.com Password: Ratte113 Application: Google Chrome Host: https://crytecsbs.local/Remote/logon Username: fastnet Password: Ratte112 Application: Google Chrome Host: https://accounts.goo...om/ServiceLogin Username: fastnet112@googlemail.com Password: Melissa78 Application: Google Chrome H
  14. # Exploit Title: Barracuda Firmware <= Post Auth Remote Root exploit # Exploit Author: xort # Vendor Homepage: https://www.barracuda.com/ # Software Link: https://www.barracuda.com/products/webfilter # Version: Firmware <= # Tested on: Vx and Hardware platforms # # Postauth remote root in Barracuda Firmware <= for any under priviledged user with report generating # capablities. This exploit leverages a command injection bug along with poor sudo permissions to obtain # root. xort@blacksecurity.org require 'msf/core' class Metasploit3 < Msf::Exploit::R
  15. Abstract Web browsers or mobile browsers are software applications that act as the intermediary applications between a user and the World Wide Web and are used to access information from the Web. Some of the popular browsers which we are using in our daily life are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. With their wide usage and increasing popularity, they have become one of the major targets for exploitation by hackers. A small mistake during the coding of the application may result in it being vulnerable to intrusions. This article is going to cover a few brow
  16. Scan: Fucking Scan Me! - Results Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/xbjbui Password: RAR TEA Tested with DC :
  17. ## # This module requires Metasploit: http://metasploit.com/download # Current source: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework ## require 'msf/core' require 'rex' class Metasploit3 < Msf::Exploit::Local Rank = ExcellentRanking include Msf::Exploit::Powershell def initialize(info = {}) super(update_info(info, 'Name' => 'Powershell Remoting Remote Command Execution', 'Description' => %q{ Uses Powershell Remoting (TCP 47001) to inject payloads on target machines. If RHOSTS are specified it will try to resolve the I
  18. A cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in the website of hotel chain Hilton Worldwide could have inadvertently compromised much of its users’ personal information. Ironically the since-fixed issue stemmed from a promotion the chain was offering to users if they changed their passwords on a benefits service it runs. As part of the offer, users who changed passwords associated with their Hilton Honors account before April 1 would be given 1,000 free awards points. According to Krebs on Security, until Hilton fixed a loophole in its system, the same promotion could have let anyone hija
  19. Drupal, one of the widely used open source content management system is recommending its users to update their software to the latest versions 6.35 and 7.35 after the company discovered two moderately critical vulnerabilities that may allow an attacker to hack Drupal websites. According to a security advisory published yesterday, a flaw found in the Drupal core could allow a potential hacker under certain circumstances to bypass security restrictions by forging the password reset URLs. ACCESS BYPASS / PASSWORD RESET URLs VULNERABILITY Successful exploitation of this Access Bypass vulnerability
  20. Yahoo has launched an on-demand password service that lets forgetful customers tie their account security to their mobile phone. Yahoo director of product management Chris Stoner announced the service, which US users can opt into now. The 'On-demand passwords' feature can be activated in the security section of Yahoo accounts' settings menu. Once activated, the user will be instructed to enter their mobile phone number. From this point on, whenever the customer attempts to open their account Yahoo will send a custom unlock code to their phone, removing the need for them to remember a password.
  21. Guest

    Linux Localroots 2001 - 2014

    Download : https://mega.co.nz/#!oB0FnATb!sxgDQBiHUa9Ht6Qekw3U5-qJYyNJ49xtXbgLYAgTE98 Password : lxiuiwekleweiisooweem28849030923790932nuc3743nc8xeuihdc
  22. Poate are cineva nevoie de licenta pentru ESET 8, las mai jos o lista. ESS Username: EAV-0129076670 Password: t4umj3uab6 Expiry Date: 08.01.2016 ESS Username: EAV-0129730947 Password: fs7863tvat Expiry Date: 16.01.2016 ESS Username: EAV-0100442188 Password: c68p5r4cks Expiry Date: 11.12.2016 ESS Username: EAV-0116349122 Password: tf2sf3cdm6 Expiry Date: 19.07.2017 ESS Username: EAV-0133192861 Password: 573fmv9t9e Expiry Date: 30.05.2015 ESS Username: EAV-0133280939 Password: vxpj5ufjdt Expiry Date: 31.05.2015 ESS Username: EAV-0133280972 Password: xf3fxn5dap Expiry Date: 31
  23. One of the best things about modern cryptography is the beautiful terminology. You could start any number of punk bands (or Tumblrs) named after cryptography terms like 'hard-core predicate', 'trapdoor function', ' or 'impossible differential cryptanalysis'. And of course, I haven't even mentioned the one term that surpasses all of these. That term is 'zero knowledge'. In fact, the term 'zero knowledge' is so appealing that it leads to problems. People misuse it, assuming that zero knowledge must be synonymous with 'really, really secure'. Hence it gets tacked onto all kinds of stuff -- like e
  24. Feature "It is far more common to find routers with critical flaws than without" - Craig Young "It's sad that end-user education about strong passwords, password safes, and phishing can be undone by something as innocuous as the blinking box in the corner of your room. - Peter Adkins Introduction Home and small business router security is terrible. Exploits emerge with depressing regularity, exposing millions of users to criminal activities. Many of the holes are so simple as to be embarrassing. Hard-coded credentials are so common in small home and office routers, comparatively to other tech
  25. Demo I Download Password: baywebmaster.com BayWebMaster | Bir WebMaster Blogu
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