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  1. https://scholarslearn.com/2019/12/13/what-are-the-best-cybersecurity-certifications/
  2. https://scholarslearn.com/2019/09/19/massive-list-of-resources-for-students-developers/
  3. Can someone please upload SANSsec660 with videos. I will be super thankful and in return, I'll provide you with a gift.
  4. Can you please also upload sans 660 with videos and pdf. I will be super thankful
  5. brother. Does it have slingshot linux?
  6. Can someone please upload SANSsec560 slingshot Linux. In return, I will reward you with something.
  7. please re-upload Practical Network Defender plzz i'll be thankful.
  8. You guys are amazing. Thanks a Ton again.
  9. Can you please tell the password?? Ill be thankful
  10. Hey bro can you please privide the link. THank you
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