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IT Security Consultant - "Ethical Hacker"

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I represent a influential private entrepreneur whose organisation's servers have been hacked and infected. 

We're searching for a highly skilled and experienced person who can help us improve our IT security in ways the conventional it companies could not. 


Short Job Description:

- Secure and build up defences for our IT networks (servers, computers etc.);

- Try out every possible hacking method (IT audit, vulnerability search, penetration testing etc.) into our servers and network. Then advise us to make the necessary changes so that there are no more vulnerabilities (ethical hacking);

- Advise us in regard of the possibility in which we want to identify the "entity" that hack us before and retrieve those sensitive documents back;

- Maintain constant alert and improve our security continuously so that we are always protected;



- A long term collaboration;

- Stable job;

- The possibility of contributing to a fast growing social company; 

- Generous pay package; 


Desirable skills and traits:

- Experience in performing similar tasks as described above;

- Good knowledge of server security and encryption methods; 

- Ability to work effectively individually; 

- Highly serious person with strong regards to confidentiality; 



More details will be given after an initial selection and the signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).


Interested parties can pm or email me at alexprada2007@yahoo.com with their cv/work experience. 


*Only apply if really interested please.



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Hi @AlexPrada - it would be useful if you could also specify whether this position would be remote or requires relocation. Taking into consideration your spelling & grammar, I dare to presume that said company is somewhere quite far off and this aspect is quite important to many here who might be interested. That will also eliminate time wasting (with signing of the NDA, etc.) on both sides.


Also one thing you added in the job description:  "Advise us in regard of the possibility in which we want to identify the "entity" that hack us before and retrieve those sensitive documents back" sounds quite illegal even though you (apparently) wish to retrieve what is yours.. It is for the local and national authorities to "play detective".


Best of luck!


P.S. are you from Mossack Fonseca? :D

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Judging by reversing the IP and AS number I can confirm he is not from a company so rich but so careless when it came to deal with security. Honestly, using a deprecated wordpress plugin which had a public exploit is such a foolish mistake.


Their request it's not necessarily illegal as long as you can provide relevant info from the logs. If the attacker left some traces behind the admin could provide invaluable data which can lead to identifying the guilty party. Of course retrieving the files illegally is not an option but most of them will negotiate if they are caught so they won't face legal consequences.

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