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faceless.cc invitatie

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8 hours ago, faceless.cc said:

Here are our details 


Price 1 Invitation - $300 
Proxy Price - $1
XMPP Contact: facelesscc@xmpp.ru 
Цена 1 Приглашение - $ 300
Proxy Цена - $ 1
XMPP Контактное лицо: facelesscc@xmpp.ru

and this is Scam!!!!!!

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(6:34:49 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru has not been authenticated yet.  You should authenticate this buddy.
[Image] (6:34:49 PM) Unverified conversation with facelesscc@xmpp.ru/Приглашение started.  Your client is not logging this conversation.
(6:34:52 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: hello
(6:35:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Hi
(6:35:19 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: you can give me a account
(6:35:59 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Invitation ( account)
(6:36:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: and yes
(6:36:04 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I can
(6:36:05 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: empty
(6:36:11 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: No 
(6:36:18 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: scam....ty
(6:36:24 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: ok
(6:36:30 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: i lost $300
(6:36:39 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: facelesscc@jabber.ru
(6:36:54 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: This is not our jabber
(6:36:59 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: You can check 
(6:37:03 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me 1 min one account
(6:37:12 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I can't
(6:37:18 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: ok scam....
(6:37:25 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Is you choice
(6:37:44 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me sing in page on website
(6:38:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Check that jabber on google and you will se that is a scammer and was already raported by us!
(6:38:34 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: What part you don't understand that you will need an invitation to have access on our website
(6:38:45 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: And it costs $300
(6:39:18 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: in website said 100$
(6:39:22 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: And you get $100 
(6:39:32 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: to spend 
(6:39:48 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: and afther that 1 proxy /$1
(6:40:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: On what website said 100
(6:40:20 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: ???
(6:41:07 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: you are scam:))))
(6:41:15 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: faceless.cc say $100
(6:41:16 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: ;)
(6:41:32 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: If u say 
(6:42:00 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Ok but if the website is made by me how can u tell me that on website tell 100
(6:44:10 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: Registration cost is 100$, money will be added to the balance in the service.
(6:44:55 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: te-am raportat idiotule....
(6:45:26 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: You are very crazy dude
(6:45:33 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: da ce ....
(6:45:34 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: ?
(6:46:03 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I`m not understanding you 
(6:46:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Try in english
(6:46:35 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: da sigur....
(6:46:38 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: As you can see on our website no where says that the reg costs 100
(6:46:47 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: So have a great day 
(6:46:58 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me $150 si iti dau cont cu 100$ pe el.
(6:47:16 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: fara teapa
(6:47:23 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: For what to give you 150
(6:47:36 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: for one account with $100 
(6:47:42 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: on faceless.cc
(6:47:53 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: What is your jabber account
(6:48:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: reg with our website
(6:48:02 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: ?
(6:48:24 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: eizo@jabb3r
(6:48:28 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: this jabber
(6:48:32 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: 1 sec
(6:48:42 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: so I can check
(6:48:51 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: yes
(6:49:18 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Your account is not reg in our databasese 
(6:49:26 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: send me one email from faceless.cc
(6:49:36 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: So if you think that you are a smart guy 
(6:49:45 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Make a move
(6:49:50 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: :))))))
(6:50:05 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me one email
(6:50:07 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: We don't have time for scammers
(6:50:30 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: I don't need to give you nothing or to prove you nothing
(6:50:39 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Bye
(6:51:01 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Since your jabber is not reg in our system!
(6:51:20 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: reg you in system for 2 sec
(6:51:34 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: give me user and pass for 2 sec
(6:51:38 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Don't waste my time
(6:51:53 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Bye
(6:52:02 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Access costs $300
(6:52:06 PM) facelesscc@xmpp.ru: Or bye
(6:52:07 PM) eizo@jabb3r.de/64200978-ac39-4021-9b78-7ca304f4bf9e: :)))) yes sure

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