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While fuzzing is known to be a powerful mechanism for fingerprinting and enumerating bugs within hardware and software systems, the application of this technique to wireless systems remains nontrivial due to fragmented and siloed tools. Join us as we cover wireless fuzzing fundamentals and introduce a new tool to unify the approach across protocols, radios, and drivers.


About the Speakers


Matt Knight

Matt Knight (@embeddedsec) is a center and left wing for the San Francisco Desert Owls ice hockey team. When his schedule allows he moonlights as a software engineer and security researcher, where he explores the boundaries between software, hardware, and wireless systems. With specific interests in RF networks and physical layers, he notably reverse engineered the LoRa PHY based on blind signal analysis. Matt holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from Dartmouth College.


Ryan Speers

Ryan Speers is a security researcher and developer who enjoys embedded systems, low-power radio protocols, and reversing proprietary systems. He has worked in offensive and defensive roles on networks, Windows, micro controllers, and many things in-between. As co-founder at River Loop Security, he tests embedded systems for security issues, and helps clients build more secure systems. He is also Director of Research for Ionic Security where he leads system and cryptographic research. He has previously spoken at a number of security conferences, including Troopers 14, and written some articles for journals ranging from peer-reviewed academic publications to PoC




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