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Java from Beginner to Expert for only 10,99$ (-90% off) codeJAVAJULYPR


Code is limited for first 30 students and is valid for the next 4 days.

Over 66 lectures and 9h of content!

You will learn:

  • semantics of the Java (meaning of words)

  • what is compiler / IDE

  • variables / types of variables

  • operators - arithmetic, assigment, logical, bitwise

  • conditions like if / else / switch

  • loops - for / while / do-while

  • methods, overloading/overriding methods, passing variables to methods etc.

  • object oriented programming

  • reference variables

  • constructors

  • interfaces

  • exceptions

  • packages

  • polymorphism

  • down casting

  • lambda expressions

  • classes/abstract classes

  • android studio basics

  • and much more


If you want to learn Python fast and easy way then I have totally new course where I will teach you Python from scratch.

For limited time code PYTHONSCRATCHJUL will take down price of the course to only 9.99$ (-90%)

For first 30 students

For the next 5 days.

Use below link:


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