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Released as open source by NCC Group Plc - https://www.nccgroup.com/

Developed by Saira Hassan (@saiii_h)


Released under Apache license 2.0, see LICENSE for more information


Whalescan is a vulnerability scanner for Windows containers, which performs several benchmark checks, as well as checking for CVEs/vulnerable packages on the container. It also checks the config and Docker files for misconfigurations. This tool can be used as part of a Windows container review on local copies of the containers, and on the host itself to enhance security.

Getting Started

git clone https://github.com/saira-h/whalescan

pip install -r requirements.txt



Whalescan performs the following checks on containers:

  • Container checks

    • Checks if containers are stored under 😄 drive - this could raise issues if there is a DoS attack, filling up the 😄 drive and making the host unresponsive
    • Checks if container is running as a process or hyper-v. Hyper-v isolation offers enhanced security of containers
    • Checks if there are any pending updates in the containers, and if so, how to update.

    Container checks

  • Image checks

    • Checks for unsafe commands being used in the dockerfile, for example docker ADD instead of docker COPY.
    • Checks if hash verification is being performed on any files downloaded.
    • Checks if any vulnerable packages are on the container, and pulls relevant CVE information
    • Checks if .NET version being used is End Of Life
    • Checks if Docker Engine is updated, and if not, gathers a list of CVEs for the version being used

    CVE check demo

  • Checks permissions of docker configuration files

  • Checks if additional devices have been mapped to containers


Sursa; https://github.com/nccgroup/whalescan

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