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Verdict-as-a-Service - Integration of Malware Detection

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Verdict-as-a-Service (VaaS) is a service that provides a platform for scanning files for malware and other threats. It allows easy integration in your application. With a few lines of code, you can start scanning files for malware.


ATTENTION: All SDKs are currently prototypes and under heavy construction!


Integration of Malware Detection

Easily integrate malware detection into any kind of application, service or platform.

Create a command line scanner to find malware with a few lines of code: Example




Create a KDE Dolphin plugin to scan for malicious content with a few lines of code: Example




Create a WordPress plugin that scans all file uploads for malware with a few lines of code: Example




Create a Discord bot that scans and deletes malicious files uploaded on your Discord server with few lines of code: Example




I'm interested in VaaS

You need credentials to use the service in your application. If you are interested in using VaaS, please contact us.



At the moment SDKs for Rust, Java, Typescript and PHP are available.


Functionality 	Rust 	Java 	PHP 	TypeScript
Check SHA256 	    	 	
Check SHA256 list 	 	 	 	
Check file 	 	 	 	
Check file list 	 	 	 	



Documentation for the SDKs is available in the corresponding SDK folder.

Rust SDK, Examples

Java SDK

PHP SDK, Examples

TypeScript SDK


Planned SDKs

The following SDKs are planned but not yet available: Swift and Perl. If you need SDKs for other languages, please create an issue or contribute an SDK with a pull request.



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