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About project

WebChat is a simple chatting app writed for learning purposes. It communicates between server and clients via SignalR with JWT authentication.


Images below shows old version of UI. New design is dark and has login interface made with tsParticles library.






Requirements & Installation

To run this program you need npm, dotnet, and mssql server.

  1. Run the frontend (WebChat.Web directory) with npm server.
  2. Compile and run the backend. It should use https protocol and 5001 port. In other case, you must change hub connection settings in WebChat.Web/src/App.js. Compile solution with visual studio is recommended (instead of it you can use dotnet /build command).


If you want change the DB connection string or JWT settings, look at WebChat/appsettings.Development.json file.


Dont Read Me

This chart perfectly shows my feelings about writing this program.




  • 60.4% of fun
  • 20.8% of try to not break up the keyboard
  • 18.8% of boring


ofc this values is percent of codes line. Writing 20% of the code in JS took about 70% of the time spent on project


Download: WebChat-master.zip




git clone https://github.com/Reykez/WebChat.git



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