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Read a person like a book

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" Decipher the unspoken vocabulary of body language. A tilt of the head, the crossing of legs, the buttoning and unbuttoning of a jacket, and other gestures can speak volumes about what a person is thinking or feeling. By learning to spot hidden emotional, social, and sexual messages, you can tell how a person is reacting to you, respond appropriately, andinfluence the outcome of any situation. Detect and send messages of friendliness and flirtation. Gain and maintain the upper hand in negotiations and arguments. Determine whether someone is lying, recognize boredom, and overcome defensiveness. By interpreting nonverbal behavior, you can improve your control over job interviews, business meetings, parties, chance encounters, and other everyday situations. "

Am citit o buna parte din ea,si pot zice ca e bine structurata si contine informatii destul de utile pentru viata de zi cu zi dar si pentru un bun 'social engineer' ;)



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Foart folositor, cautam chiar pe la bibiloteca asa ceva:D

Nu o sa gasesti asa ceva din literatura romana la nici o biblioteca, sunt cateva romanesti, dar sunt destul de recente, 1-2 ani maxim, si costa o groaza de bani, si sunt prea tehnici baietii in astea romanesti, mai bine pe engleza, o chestie scrisa in anii 70 de unde a aparut toate astea, The Structure of Magic, cauta pe torrente, precis e, si e super tare.

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