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Reaver Pro ISO

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Reaver Pro is a based on Ubuntu Linux and is a modded and easy to use version of Reaver

All you need is a compatible wireless card that supports monitor mode and Packet Injection and your good to go!

On average, Reaver will take between 4 to 10 hours to break any given WPS pin. Note that this 4 to 10 hour attack is a one-time requirement, meaning that after Reaver has been run once against an access point, it can instantly and repeatedly recover the WPA key from that access point at any time, even if the WPA key changes (provided that the WPS pin remains unchanged).

Because Reaver is an active attack, an operator may not be able to stay in the vicinity of a target network for the entire duration of the attack. The Reaver attack can be paused at any time, allowing operators to come and go as operational requirements allow and resume any paused Reaver attacks.

Most, but not all, consumer access points are vulnerable to the Reaver attack. The Reaver survey tool will list all access points within wireless range, indicating WPS support, network name (SSID) and the current signal strength of each access point.



Tutorial Video:


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