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sper sa va fie la vro cineva de folos


arping [ -AbDfhqUV] [ -c count] [ -w deadline] [ -s

source] -I interface destination


Ping destination on device interface by ARP packets, using

source address source.


-A The same as -U, but ARP REPLY packets used instead


-b Send only MAC level broadcasts. Normally arping

starts from sending broadcast, and switch to uni­

cast after reply received.

-c count

Stop after sending count ARP REQUEST packets. With

deadline option, arping waits for count ARP REPLY

packets, until the timeout expires.

-D Duplicate address detection mode (DAD). See

RFC2131, 4.4.1. Returns 0, if DAD succeeded i.e.

no replies are received

-f Finish after the first reply confirming that target

is alive.

-I interface

Name of network device where to send ARP REQUEST

packets. This option is required.

-h Print help page and exit.

-q Quiet output. Nothing is displayed.

-s source

IP source address to use in ARP packets. If this

option is absent, source address is:

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Login ca anonymous ... Admis!

==> SYST ... terminat. ==> PWD ... terminat.

==> TYPE I ... finalizat. ==> CWD /ip-routing ... terminat.

==> PASV ... terminat. ==> RETR iputils-current.tar.gz. ...

Nu existã fiºierul `iputils-current.tar.gz.'.

Am gresit eu ceva ? iam dat wget .....


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