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Cortana for Android gets leaked ahead of official launch, APK download link

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smartphones gets leaked, APK download link

It is not secret that Microsoft was working on a Android and iOS version of its personal assistant App, Cortana. Because in April, Microsoft had announced that the personal assistant will be making its way to Android and iOS. But Microsoft would like to have had a official launch of Cortana for Android. Instead all it had on its hands was a leaked version of Cortana for Android.

Cortana on Android has just been leaked on the internet. According to Microsoft officials, the personal assistant was supposed to come to Android later this month, however, it has just been leaked and it is fully functional.

Just like the Windows 8.1 and 10 version, Cortana on Android comes with all the features which are available on Windows 10. You can set reminders, check for weather, sport results, ask Cortana to tell you some jokes, etc. Here are some screenshots of Cortana running on Android:

You can download here https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=C1994020821E7ABD!53121&authkey=!AFWV2H0uR6BXN2g&ithint=file%2capk

Source : Microsoft's Personal Assistant for Windows, Cortana for Android smartphones gets leaked, APK download link

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