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    Asta? https://stiridinbeclean.ro/la-vasile-cel-mai-nou-restaurant-din-beclean-si-a-deschis-de-curand-portile-iata-ce-surprize-ii-asteapta-pe-clienti-foto/
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    Tu ar trebui sa iei ban permanent. Pentru vase si sticle.
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    lsassy Python library to remotely extract credentials. This library uses impacket projects to remotely read necessary bytes in lsass dump and pypykatz to extract credentials. Chapters Description Requirements Requirements to install lsassy from source Basic Usage Command line template for standalone version Advanced Usage Advanced usage (Dumping methods, execution methods, ...) CrackMapExec Module Link to CrackMapExec module included in this repository Examples Command line examples for standalone and CME module Installation Installation commands from pip or from source Issues Read this before creating an issue Acknowledgments Kudos to these people and tools Requirements Python >= 3.6 pypykatz >= 0.3.0 impacket Download Link : https://github.com/Hackndo/lsassy
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