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  1. https://pastebin.com/Z65B3m8k https://www.onlinegdb.com/online_c_compiler Testat pe online compilerul asta
  2. Cand parcurgi matricea tre sa pasezi elementul curent catre o functie care verifica daca e perfect: https://www.sanfoundry.com/c-program-perfect-number/ Ai un for de parcurgere a matricei si cand verifici daca e perfect tre sa bagi iar alt for. Pune cu copy paste codul tau.
  3. gigiRoman

    Go language

    Go am auzit ca au crowdstrike pe backend, in rest la nimeni.
  4. Salut, Are careva link sau materiale referitoare la: SEC575 NOW COVERS ANDROID PIE and iOS 12 ??????? Multumesc SEC575: Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking is designed to give you the skills you need to understand the security strengths and weaknesses in Apple iOS and Android devices. Mobile devices are no longer a convenience technology: they are an essential tool carried or worn by users worldwide, often displacing conventional computers for everyday enterprise data needs. You can see this trend in corporations, hospitals, banks, schools, and retail stores throughout the world. Users rely on mobile devices more today than ever before -- we know it, and the bad guys do too. The SEC575 course examines the full gamut of these devices. LEARN HOW TO PEN TEST THE BIGGEST ATTACK SURFACE IN YOUR ENTIRE ORGANIZATION With the skills you learn in SEC575, you will be able to evaluate the security weaknesses of built-in and third-party applications. You'll learn how to bypass platform encryption and how to manipulate apps to circumvent client-side security techniques. You'll leverage automated and manual mobile application analysis tools to identify deficiencies in mobile app network traffic, file system storage, and inter-app communication channels. You'll safely work with mobile malware samples to understand the data exposure and access threats affecting Android and iOS, and you'll bypass lock screen to exploit lost or stolen devices. TAKE A DEEP DIVE INTO EVALUATING MOBILE APPS, OPERATING SYSTEMS, AND THEIR ASSOCIATED INFRASTRUCTURES Understanding and identifying vulnerabilities and threats to mobile devices is a valuable skill, but it must be paired with the ability to communicate the associated risks. Throughout the course, you'll review ways to effectively communicate threats to key stakeholders. You'll leverage tools, including Mobile App Report Cards, to characterize threats for managers and decision-makers, while also identifying sample code and libraries that developers can use to address risks for in-house applications. YOUR MOBILE DEVICES ARE GOING TO COME UNDER ATTACK -- HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION PREPARE FOR THE ONSLAUGHT! In employing your newly learned skills, you'll apply a step-by-step mobile device deployment penetration test. Starting with gaining access to wireless networks to implement man-in-the-middle attacks and finishing with mobile device exploits and data harvesting, you'll examine each step of the test with hands-on exercises, detailed instructions, and tips and tricks learned from hundreds of successful penetration tests. By building these skills, you'll return to work prepared to conduct your own test, or better informed on what to look for and how to review an outsourced penetration test. Mobile device deployments introduce new threats to organizations, including advanced malware, data leakage, and the disclosure to attackers of enterprise secrets, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information assets. Further complicating matters, there simply are not enough people with the security skills needed to identify and manage secure mobile phone and tablet deployments. By completing this course, you'll be able to differentiate yourself as having prepared to evaluate the security of mobile devices, effectively assess and identify flaws in mobile applications, and conduct a mobile device penetration test -- all critical skills to protect and defend mobile device deployments. Course Syllabus SEC575.1: Device Architecture and Common Mobile Threats SEC575.2: Mobile Platform Access and Application Analysis SEC575.3: Mobile Application Reverse Engineering SEC575.4: Penetration Testing Mobile Devices, Part 1 SEC575.5: Penetration Testing Mobile Devices, Part 2 SEC575.6: Hands-on Capture-the-Flag Event
  5. Scuze ca trezesc topicul, am gasit de curand cartea "Limbajul-erlang Programarea sistemelor concurente si distribuite - Eugen Diaconescu" si am descoperit ca backendul whatsapp e scris cu erlang si rabbitmq mai foloseste. E programare functionala. O paradigma diferita fata de oop. Eu am background de c#, java android, js, putin c++, putin python. Am facut si programare procedurala. De curand merg la un curs de java, gasesc mult prea multe similaritati cu c#, erlang asta e brainfuck, parca pare backwards bike ( ) ce parere aveti? Succes!
  6. Hei @Nytro , te-ai jucat cu frida? Parca merge doar pe rooted, nu?
  7. Pune si tu in firewall block incoming from ip blabla.
  8. https://dejanstojanovic.net/aspnet/2014/november/adding-extra-info-to-an-image-file/ Interesant cate proprietati sunt in metadate
  9. Man, din ce ti-am dat in primul link, nu vad sa fie thumbnail in metadatele pozei. De unde ai scos asta ca thumbnaiulul e in meta? Din ce stiu eu, thumbnailurile se genereaza cand ai o pagina web, de ex cu o lista de poze, si ca sa nu il futi pe client side, in pagina web descarca thumburile si daca boul da click pe o poza atunci descarca si poza reala. In felul asta thumburile se genereaza on the fly. Ps: am cautat thumbnail in primul link si sunt ceva informatii. Pune-te pe documentat. Bafta!
  10. Tzac pac cu c# faci imediat thumbnailul https://stackoverflow.com/a/2808901/3434918 Vezi ca ti-am raspuns si la aia cu metadatele.
  11. Ca era asa payloadul. Ce tare!
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