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  1. Inca nu realizezi ca 99% dintre gadgeturile pe care le ai sunt inutile. La ce it-ist crezi ca esti ai putea sa pui bani deoparte fara sa astepti pensia de la statul roman. Ce am scris eu mai sus e ca dc bunica s-a descurcat cu doua clase si fara prea multe resurse, tu care este un it-ist de succes iti poti automatiza gradina si vei putea trai mult mai bine ca predecesorii. Fiecare stie mai bine ce are de facut. Acum daca tu te plangi ca o pasarica in mijlocul drumului ca nu vei mai avea z fold, problema ta. Totusi, nu inteleg de ce crezi ca nu vei mai avea toate astea dc nu mai primesti pensia.
  2. Lasa, man, ca si bunica a avut pensie de la c.a.p. si nu a murit de foame. Dc te muti la tara si iti tii o gradina poti sa traiesti. Si munca la batranete intareste organismul, a muncit pana in ziua in care a murit. Cu credinta treci toate relele din lume. Dc te descurci acum sigur nu o sa stai tu dupa pensie la 70 de ani.
  3. Cauta pe link incepand de aici: NU EMIGRA IN CANADA! http://emigrare-canada.blogspot.com/2009/05/nu-emigra-in-canada.html?m=1 Imi pare rau ca domeniul original a fost sters, iar pozele nu exista pe wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20200919114526/http://www.emigrarecanada.altervista.org/Folie2.htm Dc stie cineva cum se le mai gasim, pe unde or fi...
  4. Foarte corect. Sa aveti noroc si sa nu va pierdeti speranta. Dupa munca si rasplata. Nu renuntati la vis!
  5. Omul si iepurele. Om trai si om vedea. Vorbim in 3 luni. Succes!
  6. Vezi ca unele banci au implementat cardless withdrawal. Generezi un cod din aplicatie valabil 30 de minute si il introduci in atm.
  7. Da o geana si aici: https://github.com/secdev/awesome-scapy#tools Scapy’s Limitations While Scapy has numerous features, it does come with some quirks that the user should be aware of. The first is that Scapy is not designed for fast throughput. It is written in Python, has many layers of abstraction, and it is not very fast. Do not expect a packet rate higher than 6 Mbs per second. Because of these layers of abstraction, and because of being written in Python, it may also require a lot of mem- ory. When dealing with large amounts of packets, packet manipulation becomes uncomfortable after about 216 packets. Scapy is stimulus-response-oriented. While you could do it, handling stream proto- cols may become painful. This is clearly an area of improvement. Yet, for the moment, it is possible to play with a datagram-oriented protocol over a stream socket managed by the kernel. You can easily design something that sniffs, mangles, and sends. This is exactly what is needed for some attacks. But you will be disappointed in terms of performance or efficiency if you expect Scapy to do the job of a router. Do not confuse Scapy with a production mangling router that you could obtain with Netfilter. Sursa: Security Power Tools pagina 139.
  8. Vezi ca libraria scapy e foarte puternica. Ai putea face si mai multe cu ea.
  9. Doar cu tor: http://bookszlibb74ugqojhzhg2a63w5i2atv5bqarulgczawnbmsb6s6qead.onion/book/3507545/d52234 Dar trebuie sa iti faci cont. Cred ca e ok sa faci repede un mail de proton.
  10. Vezi mai sus in thread.
  11. Thanks, nu stiam: https://www.theverge.com/2023/8/3/23818363/microsoft-windows-11-stagingtool-leak-secret-features
  12. https://chat.openai.com/share/db180f5f-c1a2-4d49-863e-f2cbefb43b3e
  13. Trece ziua si nu ai dat pontul 2
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